Highest Paying Future Jobs

Future is something which is of the concern for almost all of us. Hallucinations from the past keep on affecting our present and have their carvings on our future too. One of the most serious concerns by humans for the future is the concern for jobs. And everyone aims for getting the best paying jobs.. Everyone wants to know that which best paying jobs in the future will be available which can guarantee a comfortable and secure life in return.

Hence the best paying jobs in the future will be as follows:

Medical Jobs

The jobs related to the medical fields are of the top of the list, as these are and will remain the best paying jobs and best paying part time jobs as well. The field of medical is never devoid of attention and it has potential growth element too. This is a kind of job which will never fade away. And the most demanding of the careers in the medical field is the nurse practitioner, who is enjoying a handsome salary when analyzed annually. On the other hand a mere physician assistant earns on an average much more handsome salary per year, with much more higher expectations of job growth, also certified nurse anesthetists are in demand and their jobs are more paying than a physician, hence making the medical related jobs the best paying jobs in the future.

Educational Jobs

Jobs related to the field of education are also assumed to be the best paying jobs in the future as with the advancement in science and technology, the requirement of jobs of education is also increasing and good educators are required in the form of doctors, engineers, managers. Therefore the jobs related to the field of education can be considered to be the best paying jobs as well best paying jobs from home, where people can do the jobs from home, through the modern communication means, such as internet.  These educational jobs thus include the jobs of teachers, professors, part time teachers, tutors. Hence these kinds of jobs enable the educators to enjoy a flexible life style allowing them to do other best paying part time jobs too.

Finance and Business related jobs

Another most important job field is the field of finance and business, in which the best paying jobs in the future are of the accountants and the financial advisers and auditors and the job of which is never going to fade away from the market.

Technology related

One of the most important and best paying jobs in future which will remain in vogue through centuries ahead are the software architects, IT analysts, system engineers, automation and robotics engineers, and not to forget the avionics and aerospace engineering will continue in future as one of the best paying jobs of the world.

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Most Unpredictable Calamity

The hearts tremble with fear when the words like mayhem, tragedy, destruction and devastation are heard by; all are the feelings which are experienced when the word earthquake is heard. The earthquakes that occur without warning that causes billions and billions of financial destruction and numerous deaths with permanent and partial injuries leading to disabilities, famine, diseases and intangible destruction. Earthquakes are therefore one of the most unpredictable occurrences which Mother Nature offers to humanity. You may have asked yourself how do earthquakes occur? Well read on and find out...

Earthquake -The Mystery Within

So why does an earthquake occur? Here is the explanation

Earth is covered by a crust of solid rock, which is broken into numerous plates that move around the surface dwelling, overrunning and pulling away from each other. The boundary between the rock within the plates and the edges of the plates is known as a fault. Faults can therefore be termed as large scale breaks in earth's crust in which rocks on one side of the fault has been moved relative to the rock on the other side of the fault by tectonic forces, which thus make the earthquake center.

The Earthquake Phenomenon

A sudden slip in the earth's crust, due to the tectonic forces shakes the earth, causing massive destruction to the people and the buildings. These areas in the earth's crust are known as faults. Hence when the earth faults, the ground bends to a certain limit till the point of breaking. Finally the resultant vibrations are further transmitted to the earth's surface causing the eventual destruction.

The vibrations generated during the said coarse of actions can be categorized as the P-waves and the S-waves. P-waves can be referred to as the primary waves which are followed by the transverse waves or S waves. The earth quakes can last for short or longer periods of time and are sometimes followed by tiny earth quakes that last for a few second after the larger earthquake. These tiny earthquakes are known as aftershocks.

Richter Magnitude scale

Richter magnitude scales were devised in 1935 in California institute of technology to determine the magnitudes of the earthquakes. The magnitude of the earthquake is thus determined from the logarithm of amplitude of waves recorded through seismographs. The scale ranges from number zero to ten. Mediocre earthquake range from 0 to 4.6 on Richter magnitude scales while any number over 6 would be considered a highly disastrous earthquake. It is however very interesting to know that earthquake of rating less than two are considered small scale  earth quakes. These earth quakes are even not felt by the people and no damage is done.

These minor earthquakes are likely to occur thousand times a day but the one with a seismic reading higher than 8 is likely to occur once on average in the world each year. It is very pertinent to mention here that if an earthquake gets a reading between 6 and 7, it is the same if 100,000 ton dynamite is blown up.

This is how earthquakes occur. 

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American Food Revolution

The values of human beings have changed as compared to the past so have the traditions changed and also the eating habits of humans have changed drastically. This change has thus dictated the introduction of the eatables the humans of the modern era have adopted. The Humans have at times seen as neglecting the nutritional value of food and shifted to more tastier and fattening foods.

The Americans have also revolutionized when it comes to food, from the traditional food to the very modern and trendy meals, hence the top ten American foods are listed below:

Sheppard's Pie: Very delicious and very easy to make, containing meat, potatoes and corn a lovely dish which serves as a great dinner especially in colder nights.

Beef Stew: Another easy to make dish, which is known as very good old fashioned American food.

Meat Loaf: This dish is famous for being known as the real American dish, made with potatoes and corn, tastes really good when served as thin slices.

Roasted Turkey: This traditional is respected as the tanks giving dinner ingredient encompassing definitely turkey, corn, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Turkey sandwiches are another classic delight.

Spaghetti and Meatballs: This dish is served best with salads and fresh Italian bread alongside the very tasty spaghetti and the meatballs dipped in special sauce.

Hot Dogs: Widely consumed and liked by all, Hot dogs add to the list of delicious foods liked by the Americans.

French Fries: French fries made of potatoes, another American food which is now loved by the whole world. These are just simple and innocent flakes of potatoes fried and served as a delicious food.

Hamburger: A hamburger consists of patty which is cooked and comprises ground meat, placed comfortably inside sliced bread and served with bacon, tomato, lettuce, onions, mustard, pickles and cheese. This food is the most favorite among the top ten American foods.

Boiled Lobster: the regular American boiled lobster with warm melted butter is always preferred with baked potatoes making it an excellent combination with coleslaw.

BBQ Ribs: BBQ ribs are admired the most with French fries and corn along with BBQ sauce makes it another delightful American food.

These were top american foods. All of these carry with themselves the inherent traditional cultural values which also envisage their origin. Many of the top ten American foods are also among the top world's food and their recipes are tried and cooked in almost every country's homes with pride and joy.

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A working mother is an asset for her children not only in terms of financial support but also as a symbol of strength and confidence. Researchers conclude that children who have working mothers are smarter, confident and understanding than the ones who don't have working mothers.

Usually children idealize their mothers for their multitasking capabilities at home and office. Being a working mother myself, I have experienced how influenced my child is towards me and how he idealizes me for what I do and tries to help me in my endeavors. He is only 2.5 years of age but he helps me pack my laptop bag, does not let the a stranger touch my laptop or purse and says it's mom's and no one should touch it.

Useful Tips for Working Mother

If you are a working mother and want your home life to be perfect then you need to invest a lot of your spare time and energy in bringing a synergy between your work place and home and making your family learn the concept of teamwork. Teamwork is when all members of a group, family and department work together for achieving a certain set of goals. In order to make your teamwork effective you need to follow a few basic guidelines:

1) Make sure your spouse is ready to accept you as a working woman and support you.

2) Analyze how important your work is for the family's well being.

3) Try to tell your children the different ways your work will benefit them.

4) If your children are at school going age then get them admitted to a school.

5) Try to make your children independent in activities like cleaning their rooms, bathing and washing their hands, doing their home work, sitting on the table and eating their meals etc.

6) Try to indulge your spouse in helping you with the household like buying groceries, helping with cleaning the house and cooking , spending time with children like picking them after school or taking them out in your absence and so on.

7) don't make cooking an everyday task rather cook two or three dishes over the weekend and use it throughout the week.

8) If you are good with finances hire a maid for the household work. Make sure you know the person well before hiring.

9) Maids should always be kept through good references and not through a random search.

10) Make your daily routines set and discipline your life accordingly.

11) No matter how busy you are you should always have some spare time to sit and relax with your family.

12) If everything gets managed well do not become eased and careless towards home.

Always remember that you are the asset for the family and teamwork is only being done to ease your workload so you should take out some time for the family to just be there for them. No matter how tired you are as a working mother, make sure the entire family sits together at a meal or a TV show or anything that all of you enjoy doing together. Happy Parenting!

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