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Primavera PPM vs EPPM: Which One to Choose?

Primavera PPM vs EPPM

Are you planning to purchase or use Primavera but could not decide which one to choose - Primavera PPM or Primavera EPPM? Worry not and find below the core difference between the two forms of Primavera and also learn what functionalities each one has that the other lacks.

Primavera EPPM

This form of Primavera provides an environment for team collaboration, visibility to the latest performance and transparency down to the lowest level of detail.

So, Primavera P6 EPPM is a great solution for dispersed project teams that supports a variety of roles from the most casual to providing a repository for the most detailed.

Find out what functionalities are present in EEPM that are not in PPM, here.

Primavera PPM

Primavera PPM, also known as Primavera Professional provides best in class functionality that professional schedulers expect from any mature scheduling software.

So, if you need to plan your project work in maximum detail, you need PPM. You can not do hard-core scheduling and with most efficient manner with EPPM. However, when PPM is linked to EPPM, you get the best of the both applications.

To find out more about functionality in Primavera PPM that is not present in Primavera EEPM, read this page.  Also read about functionality in Primavera EPPM that is not present in Primavera PPM, here

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