Guidelines For Organizing WBS Elements Into a Proper Hierarchy

For a properly prepared WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), the following guidelines provided in PMI's Practice Standard for WBS should be considered during the development of a WBS

● The set of child WBS elements into which a parent element has been decomposed should include all of the work contained in the parent, fulfilling the WBS's 100% Rule.

● A coding scheme should be used for all WBS elements which clearly represents the hierarchical structure of the WBS.

● Decomposition of all parent elements of WBS need not be of the same depth. Some parts of the WBS will need to have less or more detail than others.

● All work packages need not to be at the same level.

● The WBS development process should:

● Be iterative

● Be reviewed as well as revised just as the rest of the project planning process progresses.

● Provide a space for flexibility, specially when the scope of the project effort can change.

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