Why Studying Harder Doesn't Always Guarantee Better Grades

There is always that kid in the class who gets excellent grades without ever seemingly working that hard. And there is also another kid in the class who always seems to be working ever so hard without managing decent results. So what is the reason behind this incidental lack of correlation between studies and results?

A Lack of Methodology

The first reason, in my opinion, for working hard and not getting results is a lack of methodology. There is always this smart way of studying. The most important part of the syllabus (with an exam perspective) must be given time accordingly. Judging this is a talent too that not everyone possesses. Some people naturally study smartly which always gives them the edge when producing results. Similarly, if you do not understand some topic, then consulting someone and taking their help is a far better option than sitting and poring over it for hours. It saves time and makes sure you have the time to focus on other topics too.

Test Solving Skills

Showing what you know on the exam day is another rare skill. It is a critical link in the chain to success and it is a skill which is not easy to teach either. There is this perfect way to tackle each question and a smart way to tackle those whose answers you can only guess.

Confidence on Exam Day

Confidence is another important factor in exam performance. A positive mindset on exam day can take you a lot further than you think it can and a confident mind makes sure you do not make silly mistakes. Things like this make sure that you can get the best grades for the same level of hard work. Most of the over-performing students have perfected this art and it sets them apart from other students of the same level of preparation.

These are some of the things that can turn you from an average student into an over-performing one without putting in those extra hours.

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