Answering: Why Do We Forget Dreams

Dreams are strange. It is one of those phenomena that are still almost incomprehensible for man even in this age of science. Yet they keep on mesmerizing us each day with the amazing and powerful visions.

The Frequency of Dreaming

Everybody gets dreams at night. Men, women, children and even infants. But many people claim that they don't get dreams; it is not so, they just forget them. Healthy people usually have more than one dream at night; the duration could be roughly 5-20 minutes. Some researchers say that we spend approximately 6 years.

of our lives while dreaming.

Human brain is an extremely powerful machine. We have millions of thoughts during a day but we remember only a fraction of them. It is because our brain is smart enough to segregate the important material from the useless stuff. The thoughts that are remembered have significance in life, such as an exam, a date or a meeting. Just the same way, our brain tends to delete the unimportant stuff.

Why we Remember Some Dreams

With the general pattern of forgetting the dreams, we still capture the memory of some dreams and they seem very vivid and clear in our memory. It is suggested that a strong or impactful dream would increase the brain activity and hence the memory starts playing the role. That is why we often wake us after a strong dream.

Why We Forget Dreams?

While sleeping, most part of our brain is at rest i.e. not working. Studies have suggested that while sleeping, the hormone nor epinephrine is not present in the cerebral cortex; this hormone is essential for memory, thought, language and consciousness. Due to this reason, we dream and when we wake up, the memory of them is completely wiped off our minds.

Dreams are complex stuff. Many people have studied them with zeal, but each of the theories is still not solid proof of what happens in our brains while we are asleep. This is because brain is the most complex human organ.

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