10 Top American Foods to Try

American Food Revolution

The values of human beings have changed as compared to the past so have the traditions changed and also the eating habits of humans have changed drastically. This change has thus dictated the introduction of the eatables the humans of the modern era have adopted. The Humans have at times seen as neglecting the nutritional value of food and shifted to more tastier and fattening foods.

The Americans have also revolutionized when it comes to food, from the traditional food to the very modern and trendy meals, hence the top ten American foods are listed below:

Sheppard's Pie: Very delicious and very easy to make, containing meat, potatoes and corn a lovely dish which serves as a great dinner especially in colder nights.

Beef Stew: Another easy to make dish, which is known as very good old fashioned American food.

Meat Loaf: This dish is famous for being known as the real American dish, made with potatoes and corn, tastes really good when served as thin slices.

Roasted Turkey: This traditional is respected as the tanks giving dinner ingredient encompassing definitely turkey, corn, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Turkey sandwiches are another classic delight.

Spaghetti and Meatballs: This dish is served best with salads and fresh Italian bread alongside the very tasty spaghetti and the meatballs dipped in special sauce.

Hot Dogs: Widely consumed and liked by all, Hot dogs add to the list of delicious foods liked by the Americans.

French Fries: French fries made of potatoes, another American food which is now loved by the whole world. These are just simple and innocent flakes of potatoes fried and served as a delicious food.

Hamburger: A hamburger consists of patty which is cooked and comprises ground meat, placed comfortably inside sliced bread and served with bacon, tomato, lettuce, onions, mustard, pickles and cheese. This food is the most favorite among the top ten American foods.

Boiled Lobster: the regular American boiled lobster with warm melted butter is always preferred with baked potatoes making it an excellent combination with coleslaw.

BBQ Ribs: BBQ ribs are admired the most with French fries and corn along with BBQ sauce makes it another delightful American food.

These were top american foods. All of these carry with themselves the inherent traditional cultural values which also envisage their origin. Many of the top ten American foods are also among the top world's food and their recipes are tried and cooked in almost every country's homes with pride and joy.

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