Popularity of Wimbledon Tarnished by the FIFA World Cup

Wimbledon is arguably the most prestigious tennis tournament of the year. Thousands turn up every year in the London courts, waiting for whole days to get tickets and the final of the tournament has the same number of fans outside the courts as are inside of it; those poor fans who could not get their hands on tickets, watching the match on the big screen outside of it. The traditional white clothing of Wimbledon against the green grass courts is an iconic view of a tennis master class.

A Clash of Titanic Events

But this year, Wimbledon has clashed, as it does every four years, with another sporting event of an even bigger scale; The FIFA World Cup. 32 teams from all over the world have gathered in Brazil to play for the ultimate prize in football.

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is the world's second biggest sporting event- second only to the Olympics. As the World Cup kicks off, hype on the media and social media has soared. With every match shown live on TV and the media providing live coverage before and after the match, this event has the attention of everyone. News channels show the keep the viewers updated about every goal, and the football fever has truly gripped the world.

If the mainstream media wasn't enough, the World Cup is also the most discussed thing on Twitter and Facebook. Since the start of the event, it has been mentioned 70 million times and it is expected that some 3.2 billion people will watch the World Cup on TV, making it the most watched sporting event ever.

The World Cup's Long Shadow

In this scenario, the Wimbledon 2014, although still important, is being overshadowed by the FIFA World Cup. There has been a 20% drop in tickets bought for the World Cup which is attributed to the popularity of and the interest in the World Cup. As the World Cup grabs the attention of most of the people, only hardcore tennis enthusiasts and maybe the people in London are gripped by the Wimbledon this year. Although both events are global sporting events, but the fact that the World Cup takes place once every four that the sheer scale of it is unmatchable by the smaller Wimbledon tournament has meant lesser viewers for Wimbledon this year.

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