Top Things that Make Sleeping Hard

Sound sleep is a blessing, most of us might not consider it but it actually is, ask from an insomniac! Many people face difficulty in falling asleep or having a peaceful sleep. Let's look at the reasons that make sleeping hard!

A Noisy Surrounding

As we fall asleep, a part of brain called thalamus starts blocking the flow of information from our senses to the brain. But it won't block noises! This makes falling asleep harder in the midst of a noisy environment.

After approximately half an hour of light sleep, we enter into deep sleep. The brain becomes unreceptive of puny sounds and noises, but some things can't be avoided like your name called out loud!

The Light

Our body has a natural body clock. It is synchronized by the stimulus of light. Melatonin (chemical that triggers sleep) is suppressed during light hours and released during the dark. Sleeping with light all around could make falling asleep hard. Usage of gadgets further causes trouble in falling asleep as it confuses the body and its system.

The Food

Bad eating habits often interfere with proper and healthy sleep. Drinks having high amount of caffeine have an adverse effect on night time sleep. Drinking alcohol at night times makes us fall into deep sleep directly, avoiding the light sleep phase.

Spicy and heavy food at night gives heartburn which is followed by a restless night.

The Wrong Temperature

The body temperature goes down when we drift into sleep. The vessels in the feet, hands and face open up to release the body heat. But if the surroundings are too warm, no heat is lost and we end up feeling hot and restless.

The core temperature should be half a degree less than the normal body temperature. If it goes down further, we end up feeling cold and hence face difficulty in falling asleep.

A Racing Mind

An anxious mind is the enemy of sleep. People often go to bed with a stressed mind but it is on no use as they face problems in falling asleep or can't find sleep at all.

Some people get up in the middle of the night only to remain awake for long duration as the sleep won't come easily. Experts recommend engaging in a mental activity like solving a puzzle before trying o fall asleep again.

Interesting Facts about Venice (Italy)

What makes Venice Unique? Well, this old city happens to be one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Each year Venice is visited by more than 3 million international tourists. It is considered the favorite of honeymoon couples. There are amazing cities in Europe but there are many things that make Venice unique and different.

1. Venice is listed in as a World Heritage Site. No other city, in its entirety, is listed as a World Heritage Site.

2. The city is built on an archipelago; a cluster of 118 small islands which are joined by bridges. The canals take the place of streets.

3. The main mode of public transportation is motorized buses, gondolas, ferries and walking.

4. The architecture of Venice shows that it has been an extremely wealthy city.

5. Venice still survives! It is quite amazing because it was conquered by Napoleon and it has faced two deadly World Wars. It could have been burnt to blazes but it lives on.

6. The city has 400 bridges, more than any other city in the world.

7. Getting lost in Venice is easy and fun. It would be a great adventure to don't know where to go and be trapped in a labyrinth of beautiful bridges and footpaths. You will be surprised at each turn!

8. Gondola rides are staple to Venice. They could be expensive for tourists but they are worth a ride. There are strict rules about issuance of Gondola licenses to ensure safety and preventing the city from saturation.

9. The architecture of Venice is rich and diverse. Every other building in Venice has a unique and eye-catching style. The flavors of Moorish, Ottoman and Gothic architecture combine to present astounding Venetian Gothic Architecture.

10.Many famous historical legends were born in Venice. Examples include Giacomo Casanova, adventurer and famous womanizer, the explorer Marco Polo, and composer Antonio Vivaldi.

A trip to Venice is different from that to any other place of the world and the facts mentioned above prove why!

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Practical Tips on How to Beat Summer Heat

Summer has been around for a while now and many places around the globe are suffering from the scorching heat. While summer time is the favorite of many but extreme summer conditions could be excruciating as well. To deal with the summer heat, do the following step.

Drink a Lot

During the summer season, most people sweat a lot. That means that they could suffer from dehydration. Drink a lot of water and fresh drinks to replenish the water resources of your body. Drinking cold water will also help to keep your body temperature low. Avoid soft drinks as they lead to dehydration.

Dress Summery

Avoid tight fitted clothes. Avoid nylon and any synthetic fabric unless it is designed for hot weather specifically. Jeans is a bad idea! Ladies should go for loose summer maxi dresses or skirts and men could use shorts all the time!

While at home, avoid wearing any shoes. A lot of our body heat is released through our feet. Keeping the feet cold will lower your body temperature to a great extent.

Air Conditioning

Make sure that your home and office has a decent air conditioning system. It might require you to invest some money but in the end, it is worth it. If you can't afford an air conditioning system, blow the fan over some ice to get cold air. This trick works well and it costs almost nothing.

Keep your windows covered with curtains or blinds so that the least amount of heat enters your room.

Go for Swimming

Swimming is the best recreation during hot summers. An indoor swimming pool is a hot spot for most people. If you are a little more adventurous than that, you could head for the sea or a nearby lake and enjoy the nature and get rid of the heat at the same time.

Try Beat the Heat Products

To beat the summer heat, check out the no-sugar edibles that you will love. Available at Amazon at reasonable prices.  Also check out the best seller sun screens available at Amazon.

Summer season is a not-so-favorite season for many people but if proper measures are taken, it could be enjoyed!

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Great Graduation Gift Ideas - For Her and Him

Graduation Gift Ideas

College is out and many students are officially done with their graduation. It certainly is a turning point in their lives and they deserve a token of appreciation and wishes for a good future. A gift is a must for every graduate around.

If your friend or a family member has just graduated and you are looking for great graduation ideas, following are some worthwhile gift choices for fresh graduates that you may want to consider.

Briefcases or Portfolio Bags

Since a fresh graduate would be looking forward to joining a new office, with his bulk of files and documents, he would definitely need a nice Briefcase or Portfolio Bag. It would be a great gift especially for lawyers, doctors and business graduates.


A tablet PC is a very fancy gift choice for anyone. If you are aiming the gift at a young girl or a style conscious person, then iPad would be the best gift. If your young graduate is not a fan of iOS, then you could buy him a cool Android Tablet like Nexus or Samsung Galaxy Note. A tablet comes in handy when one needs to check the email on the go or wants to have a good reading of a magazine or a book; young graduates need that quite a lot.

Travel Gifts

If your graduate has everything, then it's a great idea to send him for a vacation. College requires ruthless hard work and it is a sure thing that the young graduate needs to take some time for relaxation and fun before he gets entangled in the tough routine of practical life. Buy him a plane ticket or hotel reservation and make him have a great time or check out some other travel gifts selling online with worldwide home delivery, here


Camera technology advances every day and everyone needs a good camera to capture great moments. Young graduates are about to start a new journey of their lives and would definitely have a lot of moments to capture. A camera is a great graduation gift as it is useful and fancy at the same time.

Jewelry / Watches

If you can afford a high priced gift, then have a look at the beautiful Diamond stud earrings at Amazon (for female of course) or a branded watch by Tag Heuer (male) or a diamond watch by Tag Heuer for female.   

Any Other Item From Amazon

Give her or him an Amazon eGift Card or simply check out from the huge variety the best graduation gifts for him or graduation gifts for her that you can buy now.

These were some graduation gift ideas for him and for her, hope these were helpful.

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