Answering: Why Do We Forget Dreams

Dreams are strange. It is one of those phenomena that are still almost incomprehensible for man even in this age of science. Yet they keep on mesmerizing us each day with the amazing and powerful visions.

The Frequency of Dreaming

Everybody gets dreams at night. Men, women, children and even infants. But many people claim that they don't get dreams; it is not so, they just forget them. Healthy people usually have more than one dream at night; the duration could be roughly 5-20 minutes. Some researchers say that we spend approximately 6 years.

of our lives while dreaming.

Human brain is an extremely powerful machine. We have millions of thoughts during a day but we remember only a fraction of them. It is because our brain is smart enough to segregate the important material from the useless stuff. The thoughts that are remembered have significance in life, such as an exam, a date or a meeting. Just the same way, our brain tends to delete the unimportant stuff.

Why we Remember Some Dreams

With the general pattern of forgetting the dreams, we still capture the memory of some dreams and they seem very vivid and clear in our memory. It is suggested that a strong or impactful dream would increase the brain activity and hence the memory starts playing the role. That is why we often wake us after a strong dream.

Why We Forget Dreams?

While sleeping, most part of our brain is at rest i.e. not working. Studies have suggested that while sleeping, the hormone nor epinephrine is not present in the cerebral cortex; this hormone is essential for memory, thought, language and consciousness. Due to this reason, we dream and when we wake up, the memory of them is completely wiped off our minds.

Dreams are complex stuff. Many people have studied them with zeal, but each of the theories is still not solid proof of what happens in our brains while we are asleep. This is because brain is the most complex human organ.

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Being Richer Makes You Happier?

At first thought, it seems logical that having more money would make you happier. You could buy more luxuries, a better house, a better car and more vacations. But on deeper analysis, it becomes clear that things are not that simple. So, what makes you happier? Read on to find out...

Suppose that a person wins a lottery worth millions of dollars. He suddenly realizes that he is richer than most people around him and thus he feels proud and happy. After a while he decides to buy himself a bigger house. As he moves to the bigger house, he sees that all the people living around him have houses similar to his. So his feeling of elate slowly fades away. He does have more money but his state of happiness might well be the same as before.

Finding Love

Many people do not judge happiness on the basis of their wealth. To them, other things are more important. For example, a settled and happy family and good friends to spend time with might be more important to many than having a big bank balance. Of course everyone needs money to survive but after a certain level required for a good standard of living, having more money is no longer a priority. Then you would look for other things that are also important for a happy life.

Wealth or Health?

Every one of us would rather be middle class and healthy than be very rich but carry some form of impairment. This means that money might be important, but health means much more to us than having never ending dollar bills.

A study of degrees of happiness shows that countries with more per capita income generally tend to be happier than poorer countries. This might be attributed to the fact that in poor countries, many people are living below the poverty line. To those people, having money is essential and perhaps more important than anything else simply because they are short of it. But once they start earning enough to live with respect and have a reasonable lifestyle then one expects them to look for things beyond money.

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Increasing Trend of Using Smartphones In Restrooms

Smartphones have become a great example of loyal companionship. Most people can't think of stepping out of their houses without their phones. The habit, or more rightly the addiction, is much stronger than you may think. Many people even take phones to their restrooms. This might seem funny but it is true and surveys have found out that more than 75% of the Smartphone users take their phones to their washrooms and even use them while being in there.

As Smartphones are modern day PDAs, they facilitate us in a number of different ways. The kind of applications that are used while being in the toilet greatly depends upon the Smartphone that you own. For example:

Android Users

As the Android OS caters to a wide domain of applications, the Android Smartphone user is more likely to surf the internet, chat and use various gaming applications as well as check the social media and emails.

Blackberry Users

A blackberry user is most likely a serious looking business personnel or a human resources executive. He must use the phone, while in the washroom, for checking his important mails or looking at some important documents or files. He would hardly indulge in a useless game or App.

The Habit of Using Smartphone in the Restroom: Its Pros & Cons

With that being said, most people have claimed of taking phone calls or an affirmation that they would not mind attending a call while sitting on their porcelain throne.

This trending habit could also become dangerous for health. According to a research, 16% of cell phones were found with traces of feces. It also suggests that we should avoid using the Smartphones of our friends as we don't really know what they have been through. Similarly, buying used Smartphone could pose risk to your health.

Some Tips

It is a good idea to wipe your phone off with a good sanitizer. There are plenty of cleaning sprays for this purpose. But never expose your phone to strong and harsh chemicals and window cleaners.

As you read above, mobile phones are increasingly being used in toilets. Do you also use your phone while in your restroom? Leave a comment below letting us know what you think about this act.

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Effects of Cartoons on Children

Effects of Cartoons on Children

Cartoons are part of life of every growing child. They appear to entertain the child but under the cover of entertainment, children assimilate a number of other things too. Cartoons can have numerous good and bad effects on the overall development of the children. Pros and cons of cartoons on children include:

Children Relate to Cartoons

Children relate to cartoons more easily as compared to adults. They tend to remember lessons taught in the cartoons more frequently as compared to the things told by parents or guardians. This can speed up the process of learning.

Better Learning

Many times, cartoons have been introduced in the curriculum of young students. It has been found that teachers have reached the goals of curriculum with greater ease and much faster. Cartoons enhance social interaction and create a level of comfort for the children to express themselves easily.

Fights and Violence

Many times, cartoons portray action, fights and combats but without real time consequences. For example, hitting the ninja real hard won't necessarily kill him but you would most probably find him very much alive in the next scene. Such unrealistic portrayals could cause the children to repeat the actions without realizing the serious consequences of their actions.

It has been reported that children who follow a lot of animated action series are more likely to indulge in fights at school.

Role Models

Cartoon characters often become one of the first role models of children. They could instill good qualities in the minds of the children. For example, Dexter demonstrates the value of science and learning. Superman is a man of action who protects the right from wrongdoing and helps the people.

Too Much of Cartoons is Bad

Like any other thing, the access of cartoons could have detrimental effects on the minds of the children. Children who watch a lot of cartoon are less likely to indulge in physical activities and hence prone to develop obesity. Children shall have a balance between indoor and outdoor activities so that they remain healthy.

Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. It is up to the parents to look after the children and allow them the right kind of content and the amount.

These were the good and bad effects of cartoons on your children. Be aware that excessiveness and wrong use of anything yields negative results. Make sure your children are not getting addicted to the cartoons and that they not viewing cartoons that include violence, abuse, bad language and negative role cartoons so that they learn well and grow well.

These were effects of cartoons on children. Comment below sharing with us your thoughts on this topic.

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