Answering: What Is Covered In Mobile Home Insurance

Even though mobile home insurance and homeowners insurance are somewhat similar to each other, there are particular differences between both of them that you must be aware of while on the look out for mobile home insurance. Presented here is certain information about the coverage of mobile home insurance as well as how you can acquire a cheap mobile home insurance policy.

Mobile Home Insurance

This is what is covered in mobile home insurance:

1. Your Mobile Home

Mobile home insurance basically covers your mobile home as well as certain other structures that you possess which are not attached to it. Mobile home insurance pays to restore or revamp your mobile home after it receives damage by fire, storms, wreckage, lightning, detonation, plumbing leaks, or any other unpleasant incident that has been mentioned in your policy.

Mobile home insurance policy is of two types, which are replacement cost coverage and actual cash value coverage. Replacement cost coverage pays to substitute your mobile home in case it gets damaged. On the other hand, actual cash value coverage also pays to replace your home after it suffers from some damage, but it only pays for its depreciated value.

Standard policies do not usually offer coverage for your mobile home while you are on the move, but it is possible for you to purchase trip collision coverage if you think you will be transporting it.

2. Personal Property

Mobile home insurance further covers your personal property such as your clothes, personal appliances, furniture, electronics, tools, sports equipment, etc. It pays to reinstate them in case they suffer damage by the aforementioned calamities.

3. Assets

Mobile home insurance also provides coverage for your assets. It pays for a third party's medical expenses in case you or someone from your family hurts them unintentionally, and also covers property damage expenses if you or your family damage their property. It further covers your court costs and legal fees.

Cheap Mobile Home Insurance

If you wish to acquire the best price on online mobile home insurance, than it is extremely important for you to get quotes from a number of different insurance companies. The best method of doing so is to contact an online insurance site where you can get quotes from several companies. All that you have to do is fill out a simple questionnaire and wait for your quotes.

Remember that high rank online insurance comparison sites work only with A-rated companies, so you do not have to worry about not getting paid for a claim. The best online insurance sites offer several articles as well as an online chat service for you to receive answers to all of your questions from insurance experts!

This is what is covered in mobile home insurance!

The Science of Love - Must Read

Love has captured our imagination and curiosity for thousands of years. Whether it is poet, scientist or philosopher, the idea of love is fascinating and yet enigmatic.

Love is not novel. Almost all of us feel the rush of falling in love for the first time at some point in life. Many of us also cling to this love for long years. People feel deep affection and love for friends and family.

But let's see what science of love is from a biological perspective.

What cocaine actually does is that it lowers the threshold of pleasure centers in the brain hence it is easy to feel good. That is why when a person is in love, he feels good all the time and it is very easy to make him happy. Because of this you not only feel love for that one person but also build a romanticized view of the world around you.Love has definite bonds with the evolution and survival of humankind. Fiction associated love with the heart but reality supports that love actually happens in the brain. Science has proven that the brain of a person deep in love is similar to that of a cocaine addict.

A person in the dawn of love has low levels of a chemical called serotonin. This is the same deficiency as the one faced by a person with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. That is why we hardly focus on anything while being in love and say that I think about her all the time. Now we know what causes obsession and infatuation during early love.

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The brain releases certain chemicals that not only make us crave the company of our loved ones but also makes the heart more sexually aroused. Love is not just an emotional drive; it is a drive from the motor of the mind. This provides the body with focus and energy.

These areas associated with romantic love can stay active for decades. And that is why many people tend to fall deeper and deeper in love as the time passes.

Along with the many physiological and psychological components that add up to give rise to love, science is still not sure about exactly why or how love works. Yet, somehow
we all seem to know it when we feel it!

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Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship

Before launching your new business you must study the market, advantages and disadvantages of taking up entrepreneurship in detail. First we will talk about the advantages that an entrepreneur enjoys.

Pros of Entrepreneurship:

  • An entrepreneur is his own boss. They are in full control of their lives and have the opportunity to call the shots and create their own destiny.

  • Entrepreneurs do what they like and they like what they do. Most of them enter this line of work because they enjoy it and for them work isn't work anymore it is their hobby.

  • They have an opportunity to facilitate people by introducing something in a cheaper or newer way, in this way they can make a difference as they seek innovative solutions to society's most exasperating problems.

  • Entrepreneurs reap impressive financial profits once the business takes root and it is a very important motivating factor for entrepreneurs to expand their business.

  • For entrepreneurs there is very little difference between work and fun they have an opportunity to express themselves through their business and prove their potential. They are as much creative and successful as they allow themselves to be.

Cons of Entrepreneurship:

Let's have a look now on the potential drawbacks that one might has to deal with.

  • Long working hours and constant hard work deprives entrepreneurs of opportunities to spend quality time with their family. Their business demands 24 hours attention and their duties as husbands, fathers, wives or mothers are put on hold until the business gets established.

  • Launching a new business can be highly stressful, knowing that you are the only one responsible for all the decisions and their outcome and also that one wrong move could cause total financial ruin becomes the reason behind high level of anxiety.

  • And then there is uncertainty of income. Unfortunately, one has to leave the comfort of a steady pay check and risk entire savings and still there is no guarantee that one will make enough money to support one's family.

  • Sometimes even entrepreneur find themselves on the horns of dilemma and as they control everything themselves they have no one to turn to while making a crucial decision.

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The Scientific Power of Thoughts

Power of Thoughts

For years, humans believed that the brain was static, locked and unchanging. But now our understanding has changed drastically to the point where we now see the brain is dynamic and constantly changing. And what if I told you that thinking could not affect our body but also our lives. There is incredible power in thoughts and we will learn about it in the lines below.

Imaging and Doing

From the perspective of neuroscience, imagining an action and actually doing it requires the same motor and sensory functions of the brain. For example, if you imagine an alphabet, let's say 'B' the primary visual cortex lights up in the same way as it would when you actually see the letter B. The time it takes for you to image yourself writing down your signature is almost equal to the time it actually takes when you write down the signature with your dominant hand.

It proves that the action and imagination are integrated and follow the same neural pathways. Practicing one facilitates and improves the other.

Psychological Experiments

A psychological study on power of thoughts took two groups and had them practice piano for two hours except one group was allowed to practice on the real piano but used mental practice. They were not allowed to touch the piano but would sit in front of it and imagine practicing. The result is that the same physical changes took place in the motor cortex of both groups. When the mental group was given a chance to practice physically, they were able to grasp and learn faster and catch up to their skill level quickly.

An experiment to strengthen muscles was conducted. Both groups did the same muscle exercises for 4 weeks, though one group only did it mentally. Those who actually did the exercise increased the strength by 30% while the other group's strength increased by 22%. This is because that although the mental exercise group didn't do any physical practice but they still used the neurons for movement instructions.

Our thoughts do not have some mystical and magical power but mental practice is an effective way to prepare for a physical skill. Each thought changes the structure and function of brain at a microscopic level. Only day dreaming would lead you anywhere but a little mental practice wont hurt!

Do you believe in power of thoughts? If yes, then i recommend you to read this great book - Power Thoughts, 12 Strategies to Win the Battle of Mind. It is available at Amazon for only $12.89.   And another book to read:   You & Your Thoughts: The Power of Right Thinking 

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