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Interesting Facts about Venice (Italy)

What makes Venice Unique? Well, this old city happens to be one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Each year Venice is visited by more than 3 million international tourists. It is considered the favorite of honeymoon couples. There are amazing cities in Europe but there are many things that make Venice unique and different.

1. Venice is listed in as a World Heritage Site. No other city, in its entirety, is listed as a World Heritage Site.

2. The city is built on an archipelago; a cluster of 118 small islands which are joined by bridges. The canals take the place of streets.

3. The main mode of public transportation is motorized buses, gondolas, ferries and walking.

4. The architecture of Venice shows that it has been an extremely wealthy city.

5. Venice still survives! It is quite amazing because it was conquered by Napoleon and it has faced two deadly World Wars. It could have been burnt to blazes but it lives on.

6. The city has 400 bridges, more than any other city in the world.

7. Getting lost in Venice is easy and fun. It would be a great adventure to don't know where to go and be trapped in a labyrinth of beautiful bridges and footpaths. You will be surprised at each turn!

8. Gondola rides are staple to Venice. They could be expensive for tourists but they are worth a ride. There are strict rules about issuance of Gondola licenses to ensure safety and preventing the city from saturation.

9. The architecture of Venice is rich and diverse. Every other building in Venice has a unique and eye-catching style. The flavors of Moorish, Ottoman and Gothic architecture combine to present astounding Venetian Gothic Architecture.

10.Many famous historical legends were born in Venice. Examples include Giacomo Casanova, adventurer and famous womanizer, the explorer Marco Polo, and composer Antonio Vivaldi.

A trip to Venice is different from that to any other place of the world and the facts mentioned above prove why!

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