How to Look Good on TV: Top Tips

Looking good on TV is not difficult as long as you know a few key things. The difference between real life and the TV screen is that the TV screen fits a three dimensional world into a flat two dimensional picture. As the picture on a TV screen is flat, depths are actually an illusion. Making the depths work in your favor can greatly enhance your TV beauty.

Lighting Effects

The most important single thing which influences TV pictures is light effects. To have the best pictures, the brightest light called the Key Light needs to be in your face. If the shooting is being done outdoors, then the brightest light is the sun. If the bright light is somewhere else, then the focus will not be on you and there will be annoying shadows greatly reducing the attractiveness of the pictures. A second important light is the Back Light which is a lot less bright than the Key Light. It is usually placed behind the main object. Its purpose is to define the outlines and make them clear. It is especially important when the background is dull. Other lights called Fill Lights are also often used to get rid of shadows or to focus on something specific. The better the light effects, the better you will look on TV. So it is really important to get the lights right.

Best Camera Shot

You will also have to work out which camera shot suits you the best. Some people look great with full body shots while others look better with a shoulders-up shot. The 3/4 shot from the head to below the hips is the most unprofessional shot and gives the poorest pictures.

Looking 3D

Another trick for looking good is to use the depth illusion work in your favor. The straight on shots make you look flat. This can be countered by standing at an angle. It is all a simple matter of taking a step forward with one of your feet and keeping the other in its initial position. You will look more dynamic, real and three dimensional using this angle.


Using appropriate make-up is important too. Bright lights used in most TV shootings wear out the skin which makes it look shiny and pale. This can be countered by using suitable make-up. Make-up can also be used to make your facial features more prominent.

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