Family System of the East vs of the West

As feminism has had its course and as college education has become common among girls, the family system has changed as a side effect, especially in the west. In the older days, the man of the family was supposed to earn while the woman's prime duty was to look after the household. This meant that the woman or the mother had a greater amount of time to spend with the children and spend looking after her husband; this lead to greater bonding among the family members. It is still the same in most of the households here in the east. But, in the west, now as educated women have joined the men in the workplaces, it has signalled a titanic shift in the family systems of old. The number one priority for many women now is their careers and family has taken a back seat. Some 58.6% percent of women aged above 16 are working in the US as compared to only 29% in India. This shows that the women in the east generally tend to stay at home and invest more of their time in their families compared to their western counterparts.

Is this a Good Thing?

Economic statistics show that the participation of women in the workplace strengthens the economy. But this comes at the cost of family life. The kids do not get as much care from a working woman as they can get from a stay-at-home woman when growing up. This extra care can often mean the difference between the kid becoming a well-groomed, responsible citizen or becoming an unkempt, irresponsible one who is a burden on the state and the society.

How Family Life Helps Everyone

Family is the closest a person comes to anyone in his or her life. When a person does not have a family he or she is close with, then the person does not have anyone to share his or her feelings with in times of stress and fatigue. This often results in depression and loneliness which are some prime causes of unhappiness among people in the west. Despite being financially stable, these people cannot find happiness due to the lack of a happy family life. When the family is happy and close to each other, then they share their feelings and experiences with each other, and help each other out of life's challenges.

Therefore, it is undoubtedly important that women contribute to the economy and the society by working in the work-places, but family life should not be sacrificed for this end. Family should still be the number one priority for women.

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