Answering: How Can I Enhance My Creativity?

Each hemisphere of human brain performs different functions and one of which is dominant over the other. Left half of the brain formulates solution in a systematic, logical way following the step-by-step fashion whereas, the other half processes information in all-at-once manner and it works in an unstructured, unsystematic and illogical way. This right-brain driven thinking is the secret behind creative thinking. Contribution of these two halves of the brain towards the solution of a problem determines the level of creativity in someone. One can easily enhance his creativity by following the techniques given below.

  • Do not be so hard on yourself and take some time off to relax because the more you think over a problem the sooner your brain shuts down and stops producing creative and innovative solutions. If you fail to produce fruitful results even after investing a great deal of your time in the problem, simply take a break go out for a walk. But NEVER let the thought of 'giving up' cross your mind.

  • Say goodbye to your humdrum routine and start exploring new places, read something new and different choose a genre that you have never read before, meet new people, talk to them. Gathering different perspectives helps you to analyze a problem from different angles in an efficient way.

  • At a very early age we learn to do things in the conventional way how they are being done for years, we are told that there is only one right answer to a problem and we start looking for it in a systematic way by shutting down the activity of the very part of the brain that controls our creative thinking. Allow yourself to be impractical, ask yourself questions like 'What if I do this the other way and see what happens. Break, bend or design a few rules of your own.

  • Keep track of the ideas that you come up with. Attack a problem from every possible aspect and see if you were able to produce something useful and note down every idea that you get in a journal.

These are some of the many techniques on how to enhance your creativity. We hope you found this article useful.


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