Alternative to E-Cigarette

The number of people who smoke cigarettes in this world is an astonishing 1.1 billion. Some 15 million cigarettes are bought everyday and 5 trillion of them are manufactured and sold around the world every year. Considering the health hazards surrounding smoking, these are alarming statistics. Tobacco use accounts for nearly 30% of all cancer deaths and it is the cause of 87% of the lung cancer deaths in men and 70% in women. There is a need to look for alternatives to stop people from smoking cigarettes. There is an alternative to smoking that one can try, and this is described below.

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes as they are generally known, have stormed the market recently by claiming to offer a much safer smoking experience. The companies producing these e-cigarettes claim that they are not as harmful as cigarettes. They claim that as e-cigarettes supply nicotine in vapor forms as opposed to smoke, is safer because of no combustion. In this way, smoking e-cigarettes is a lot safer than smoking normal cigarettes.

This claim has been tested by many studies and results have shown that these claims cannot be regarded as true. E-cigarettes, as it is claimed, are as dangerous as cigarettes and are in no way safer because the nicotine is still being supplied from the tobacco.

It seems that anything that claims to be safe and yet imitates smoking is too good to be true. Smoking is bad for health and bad for the society generally and it has to be rooted out entirely. For this purpose, some techniques are in place for smokers who want to quit smoking.

Alternative to E-Cigarettes

People looking to overcome smoking can look for medical advice. There is a treatment in place called Nicotine Replace Therapy (NRT) where nicotine nasal spray, nicotine

inhaler and other medications are used to control the urge to smoke. A smoker is attracted to smoking not just by the drug but by the physical and mental urges to smoke. If the effect of the drug is recreated through medication, then the physical and mental addiction can somehow by controlled first. Once this is in check, then the smoker can slowly decrease the intake of nicotine to the point where it can be completely controlled and smoking can be quit as a habit.

The easiest way to not be a smoker is to not start it. Once you have got a taste for it, it's hard to resist. But still, there is hope for smokers. If you are determined to quit it, you can.

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