Bad Habits of Men

There are certain habits in men which are not much appreciated by women and therefore are known as bad habits of men, which men must avoid so that they can get a getter ranking in the women’s sight.

Mens nasty habits which are hated the most by the women are as follows:

Not Taking Charge of the Woman

It is very essential to know that women do not appreciate the idea of taking the lead, they like to be led more, so do not loosen up yourself in front

of your woman, rather get hold of her, lead her, let her decide less when on a date with a woman. Women do not like to be in charge of the situations. Hence, letting the woman lead and dominate is one of the bad habits of men which is not liked women at all.

Agreeing With a Woman All the Time

Another one of the bad habits of men which is hated by the women is agreement of everything by men and no disagreement. Women do not like to be agreed upon all the time, they want restrictions and corrections by men. They like to be told that when they are wrong. A woman starts feeling uncomfortable when she is agreed upon every aspect and point which she presents or shares with someone. So, remember that agreeing with women all the time is considered as one of the mens nasty habits.

Being Very Simple and Straight

Women do not like really straight men, they rather appreciate amusing people. Women like to be teased but playfully. It is really one of the bad habits of men to act really stern on front of women. Women like to let the humor shine during conversations with them, which really helps them to get indulged with confidence. Trying to pose very stern and strict in front of women will be rather considered mens nasty habits.

Being Fast

Men have the tendency to bump into the relations quickly, but women consider it as one of bad habits of the men. So, go slow in relationships, slowly and steadily. Women feel uncomfortable when they are pushed in a relationship with a swift pace; they have their own speed of trusting and building a relationship.

Talking a Lot About Yourself

When talking to women avoid talking about yourself much, as this is considered really one of the mens nasty habits. Men should rather include the women as the object of discussion and like to be praised and appreciated more.