This world holds within itself many marvels created by God, waiting to be discovered and revealed by the most intelligent inhabitants, the human beings. Discoveries are therefore being done day by day making humans amazed at the very wondrous aspect of the mother earth and divine nature.

Ancient Landscape

Ancient underwater landscapes have been discovered which are buried deep beneath the bed of the North Atlantic. These lost and ancient landscapes envisages river cuts and peaks of the once mountains that are now buried in this huge Ocean bed. A recent in depth survey by the Geologists has revealed that the discovered

amazing submerged landscape lost atlantis

landscape is almost 56 million years old. This revelation was done with the assistance of the vast data that oil fields gather during their geological surveys.

Revelation through Data

The said data has proved to be helpful in revealing that the landscape which is lying beneath the sea bed is estimated to comprise an area of 3,861 square miles. The submerged landscape is found west of Orkney Shetland Island and it is suspected that this landscape might have been part of a larger region, which must have been merged with Scotland with its limits reaching till Norway.

Discovery Method

The submerged landscape’s discovery envisaged a special method in which an advanced echo technique has been incorporated, where high pressure air is released which is stored in metal cylinders. Resultant sound waves produced thus are transmitted to the ocean bed and also beneath the bed, passing through various layers of sediments. When a change in the transmitted medium occurs, an echo is bounced back. This bounced back echo is heard with the microphones which are installed behind the ship through cables and thus record these echoes. The resultant information received thus is very successfully used for making a three dimensional imagery.

Components of Discovery

Eight major rivers have been discovered in this revelation and also pollen and coal have been found, the presence of which has been supported by the core samples taken. The discovery of pollen and coal is thus the sole evidence of submerged land which once resided life. It is also pertinent to mention here that above and beneath this submerged landscape signs of marine life encompassing tiny fossils further indicate that the submerged landscape once rose above the sea and then got submerged.

The Giant Hot Ripple

The scientists have thus concluded to a theory which envisages that there is an Icelandic plume, which is centred under Iceland. The emergence of material through the mantle of earth beneath specifically this North Atlantic Ocean’s plume caused a gigantic hot ripple. This is because of the reason that the plume acts like a pipe transferring hot magma from the earth beneath to the surface, where a giant mushroom is formed, since the material is extremely hot therefore it spreads out like a giant hot ripple and this phenomenon is the reason, why signs of marine life are found in the submerged landscapes.