Relationship and Men

It is not the women only who are the only species affected by relationships, but men experience the same also and at times even more than women. Researchers believe that the males face difficulties in handling stress levels smoothly. Real life issues like falling in love which is the sweetest emotion in the world, is often considered the scariest to handle even by most of the men in the world, as men at times seem to act blind in acknowledging intense and overwhelming emotions and hence often get confused even in getting entangled in love.

Men Hide their Emotions

Hence when most of men are afraid of their overwhelming emotions they tend to hide these emotions especially concerning the new relationship feelings, and for these men finding the way to get rid of hiding these feelings requires sometime and also the guts. So, the pertinent women need to be more candid, open, and welcoming in order to get to know the real feelings of that man the particular woman is in love with, otherwise it may take a life time even to reach to the ultimate depths where the feelings for that woman remained buried and could not be expressed because of an unknown fear, which is nothing but just men’s nature.

Fear of Expression in Relationship

It is natural for men to get scared with the start of any relation. This fear is nothing else but just pre emptive and at times unrealistic forecast of the

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untoward turning of events in case the actual new relationship feelings are expressed by a man. This is that fear which even has men cost that relationship where the woman of interest did not even know what that man felt about her and moved onto another much more expressive man, just because of the inertness built on the foundations of unwanted and unrealistic fear.

Longer Time for Relationship

It is very much pertinent due to the above factors that men when hide their emotions and keep the inherent fear to express alive within them result in requiring much longer time to build a strong relationship with women they love. This longer time can often prove to be fatal for relationships which diminish due to lack of expression just in the start. Hence women are advised not to desire and expect commitment too early in a relationship as a woman might have reached a stage in a relationship at a time when the desirable man is just thinking to start the journey to that particular stage. Patience not disappointment is the only remedy left for women then.

Feelings of being Safe

Last but not the least is the feeling of safety for a man, which is dependent upon the all the men’s new relationship feelings from initial hiding, fear of expression and longer time which men very essentially require amalgamated to reach a safe location within a relationship keeping in view the aspects possession, obsession, trust and faith which the woman must guarantee the man of her desire, otherwise she might find herself empty handed left in the middle of a relationship, which even could not have its foundations built

Women’s Expressions

After all the factors related to man, it’s now upon the woman to return back all the aspects of feelings of the man of desire in the same language, tone and feel, in which she received it. Reciprocate expressions of faith, love, desire by the woman are of the eternal essence which enhance the new relationship feelings of man. Just remember that men hide themselves for good, but to reveal at the later stage of a relationship when men think it’s appropriate and are deserved the best, the key of success is to silently reciprocate with patience.