Window blinds are a great means of protecting ourselves from unwanted bright sun rays and to ensure privacy. But when blinds are used for a ling time, these often start to cause problems, but a few simple steps are all that are needed to fix them. This article describes how to fix blinds in a simple way.

Things You Need:

Learning how to fix blinds is easy. Here are the things you need to fix the blinds :

• A flat screwdriver

• Scissors

• A piece of a string

Window blinds

Window blinds (Photo credit: agroffman)

• Needle-nose pliers

• Match or lighter

Fixing Vertical Blinds

The way to fix the stem track of vertical blinds is as follows:

1. Open the blinds, by pulling the string/chain

2. Remove the stem via pliers (specifically, needle nose pliers). Just twist the pliers around the stem, and it’ll come out.

3. Remove the worm gear out of its carrier body

4. Replace the worm gear with a new one, if damaged. In all cases you will need to replace the damaged worm gear with a new one.  If you find it okay, put it back to its place. You’ll hear a clicking sound as it fixes into place.

If the vertical blind clip is giving problems then follow these steps.

1. Check whether this can be fixed, or it has to be replaced. In most cases, you will need to replace the clip.

2. If you need to replace the clip with a new one, you will only need a screwdriver to take the clip out of its place. Make sure that when you put a new clip in its place, it’s facing the same way as the other slats.

If the vanes have got holes in them, lost their color or become too dirty, follow these steps to remove them from the hooks and replace with new ones.

1. Open the blind, then raise up the vane that needs replaced, and bend it out from the hook /holder on the carrier.

For aluminum or vinyl vanes, you’ll also need to remove the tie down clip fastening the edge of the chain. For a fabric vane, detach the connector of the chain from one side then pull up the weight from the vane pocket all the way from the bottom of the vane.

2. Before installing a new vane, make sure it is aligned in the exact direction as of the other vanes. Then hold it from the top and fix it in its holder to lock it in place. For vinyl or aluminum vanes, you will also need to put the chain in the new vane. A piece of card board might prove to be helpful in doing so.

Fixing Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds are an ideal and common way to cover windows, and ensure privacy.  They have


Image by Ian BC North via Flickr

the added convenience of being very comfortable to operate, with a string system, slats and cord for pulling. Repairing them is also not difficult; hence you can do it yourself

If the cord in horizontal blinds has broken, or become frayed, and you are afraid it might break anytime, you should replace it with a new one soon. Here is how to do this:

1. Using a flat screwdriver, remove the plastic plug at the bottom of the rail.

2. Slide out the cord via the hole at the bottom of the rail.

3. Using a match or lighter, attach the old and new cord together.

4. Insert the new cord in the hole, and push it through the opening in the rail

5. Finally, tie a couple of knots below the bottom rail, and cut the extra cord off.

6. You’re done

If the slat has been broken, follow these steps to replace it with a new one:

1. Remove all the plastic plugs from the base of the bottom rail.

2. Cut both ends of the cord and unroll the strings until you reach to the broken slat

3. Pull out the broken slat from the string ladders which hold them, and then enter the new slat gently in place of the old one.

4. Insert the plastic plugs back into the bottom rail.

5. You’re done

If horizontal blinds’ cord lock is jammed or stuck:

1. Remove the blinds from the bracket.

2. Remove the end brace from the top rail using needle-nose pliers.

3. Find the cord lock mechanism that contains the cords which run through it, and push the screwdriver against the pin located inside the cord lock. Immediately, as you will push it, the lock will release the cords, and you’ll be able to use the blinds normally again.

If your horizontal blinds are stuck, lift the pull cords up so they’re aligned with the head rail. Then gently pull down the lift cord, and the blinds will become free. Repeat the same process if the blinds are still jammed.

This was how to fix blinds described in simple steps. Hope you found this article helpful.