Terrorism in Swat must be dealt as a top priority issue by the bigger players of today’s world.

With its effects transnational, no country is safe from this menace, which has developed challenging

Map of Pakistan with Swat highlighted


threats to all the bigger societies of the world. Poor, unbridled and unemployed youth has been very successfully exploited, employed / enrolled to perform the heinous tasks against those who form part of the civilized society.

Using Islam as a seam, these extremists have been able to transcend their agenda of ruling through terrorism all over Afghanistan between 80s and 90s. Now the systematic degradation of civil structure of Pakistani society especially in Swat and other adjacent areas present a similar picture.

Blowing hundreds of girls’ schools, demolishing bridges, destroying police / civil administration have spread a wave of terrorism all across the country. With very little capacity as a State vis-à-vis international support, annihilation of this menace from its soil would be a very difficult preposition for Pakistan.

Image via Wikipedia