Global terrorism, being the biggest menace of the present world, is one the most gruesome challenge the mankind has ever faced.

Handfuls of non state actors, while using the humans as shield have yielded enormous amount

global terrorism


of threat to not only the ordinary sovereign states rather the super powers of this world as well. Bomb blasts, Improvised explosives, suicide attacks being the mainstay of the terrorists’ weaponry; have been effectively used by terrorists against law enforcement agencies as well as public. Primarily, it is aimed at deterring them from supporting each other. Besides bigger global players of the world, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have been the biggest victims of the global terrorism.

In all these countries, delineation of terrorists from the local populace has been the single most difficult task the law enforcement agencies have been facing since these outlaws usually camouflage themselves taking societal cover. Apprehension / execution of these terrorist in public places can be effective mean of deterrence for them.