Terrorism in Pakistan 

Terrorism in Pakistan in its all forms and manifestation, must be condemned by all the segments of present-day world.

Though, countries like USA, UK, and other major powers are not completely secure from this threat, yet the most vulnerable of the societies are of the third world countries. Presently, the menace is haunting poor people in the streets of Pakistan, where a bomb blast and suicidal attacks occur in daily routine. May it be an average passerby victim or targeted element of law enforcement agency, the wounds of the sufferer and the family needs ages or even generations to heal.

Besides the deceased ones, the injured ones as well as their families also suffer similar agonies because of the non existence of proper Medicare / evacuation facilities. Moreover, the psychological effects of these heinous atrocities on those who remain lucky in escaping death by slightest margins as well as the ones watching live visuals, take quite a longer time to wither away.