Summer is in the air and the warm weather has brought along with it the thirst factor which is rising and therefore generates a need to kill the thirst and gives birth to the temptation of use of cold drinks and healthy beverages. Huge rise in the atmospheric temperatures always compel the men and women to catch up and drink the trendy tasty, thirst quenching and attractive beverages which can keep their body temperatures in the lowest acceptable range. A few favorite and top healthy drinks beverages of the world are as follows

Iced green Rooibos Tea: Green rooibos which are not fermented is a kind of non bitter green tea, which has inherent high levels of antioxidants too, admired by masses is one of the favorite beverages.

Iced Chamomile Lavender tea: Another great favorite beverage which is delicious when served hot or cold. It has a much sweeter taste when served with honey and also encompasses a floral taste which is very relaxing.

Peanut butter banana smoothie: peanut butter banana smoothie is a strange combination peanut butter, coconut cream and vanilla with milk and bananas which make them one of the delicious full of protein beverages of the world.

Hazelnut chocolate banana smoothie: a refreshing and tasty beverage made encompassing a rich mixture of hazelnut, banana and chocolate.

Pineapple Cilantro Lime juice: an ultra refreshing and delicious beverage which carries the rich taste of pineapple blended with lime. An amazing mixture which very effectively quenches the thirst giving a feeling of fullness.

Iced and creamy Jasmine tea: Jasmine tea when served with cream and ice becomes a very delicious summer beverage.

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Mango orange smoothie: mango orange smoothie envisages bananas, mangoes and oranges which is admired by the children as the drink is very chilled and full of chocolate.

Bandung syrup: Bandung is the name of a popular drink which has its origins in Malaysia and Singapore. The beverage comprises pure milk flavored with rose syrup thus encompassing a pink appearance.

Kombucha: Kombucha is a naturally fermented drink which very effectively quenches the thirst, coupled with healthy boost of probiotics with very delicious tastes. This tasty beverage envisages coconut and water. Their bubbly aspect makes these beverages a good alternative for pop sodas.

Pea berry Coffee: Peaberry has its origins from Tanzania and it comprises coffee beans which are freshly brewed is a not so strong but definitely flavor rich and elegant beverage perfect for the use in early morning.