There is an ever increasing trend of hiring nannies and babysitters to look after kids. Most of those who can afford to hire nannies, permanently or temporarily, do so. While the parents are away at work etc., the nannies are supposed to look after the kids. Nannies thus spend a lot of time with young children and their habits and manners quite often rub off onto the kids.

Effects of daycare on child development

If a nanny talks in a certain way or acts differently to what is normal, then the child could start copying the nanny he is spending a lot of time with, and some of the bad things from the nannies could rub off onto the kid.

Similarly, if a nanny is very well-mannered and polite then the child who is just learning to speak could adopt a soft tongue too. If she is very tactful about teaching the kid to do as he is told and not be an annoyingly stubborn kid, then this could help him being a sweet obedient one.

Nanny Attitude is Important

The role of nannies in the grooming of children is often understated. Nannies and babysitter often spend hours every day with young children and someone who is spending hours every day with a child surely has a big effect on his behavior and upbringing. Children of a young age copy the words and actions of people they spend time with. Similarly, slightly older kids take an influence from the actions and demeanor of babysitters and nannies.

When you are hiring a nanny, you need to make sure that she won’t be a bad influence for your child. She needs to be a responsible person who will not only look after the child, but also be careful about her own behavior so as to not make a bad example of herself in front of the child. If you do this, it is very much likelier that the kid will be much better groomed than he would be otherwise.