The world is connected now in more than one ways. There is a common culture developing around the world. Everyone now enjoys the same kind of movies and the same sports. The formidable language barrier is being removed by the advent of English; and the popularity of gadgets, computers and the internet has removed the distances between the corners of the globe.

As the people socialize and go to different countries, they take their foods and their dishes with them. The locals of that new place who haven’t tasted these new dishes often take a liking to the new, queer food. This trend has gone on so far that now the Italian pizzas, the American hamburgers, the Chinese chow mein, the Indian kebabs and the French fries are now found at tables all over the world.

The Pizza

There is hardly any person in the world who has not tasted the pizza. The concept of the dish that we now call pizza started in the 19th century Italy and came to America with the Italians. The globalization due the world wars and colonization helped in the spread of this dish. As the pizza has found its way around the world, everyone has modified it to their taste. The basic cheese and tomatoes on the bread remain the same but the toppings and the spices have adopted according to the tastes of the specific places.

American Hamburger Chains

Similarly, the hamburgers were invented in the very early 20th century in the US. Slowly, burger restaurants developed into chains with branches all over the country. The burger meal was truly globalized by the successful ventures of brands like McDonald’s and KFC into the international markets. Now American brands like Burger King, Hardees and Johnny Rockets successfully sell their burgers all over the world.

The Indian Cuisine

The Indian dishes like kebabs, biryani and the curries are also popular over the world. The British who ruled over India took back some liking for the local cuisine back with them. But the real globalization of Indian food came with the migrations of Indian families to Europe, USA and Australia among other places. Everywhere these people went, they took their dishes with them.

Other cuisines like the Chinese food, some Arab dishes like the Shawarma, the Turkish Delights, the Thai curry etc. are also global foods. You can find these foods anywhere in the world. An Italian restaurant, an Indian restaurant and a Chinese restaurant side by side in any major city of the world can be easily found nowadays.