Merging into a new environment is all about making friends. When you go to college or to a new workplace, ice-breaking and socializing is absolutely essential before getting down to work.

Some people seem to gel with strangers almost instantaneously, while others seem shy about making new friends. Having a charismatic personality surely helps. Plus being humble, polite, confident, intelligent and clear puts a good impression on people you have just met.


Friends (Photo credit: William Christiansen)

Finding Someone Who is New Too

It gets much easier to find a new friend if you are not the only one who is new to the environment. If someone else is new too, then talking to them is the easiest thing because they are undergoing the same process as you and are in a similar frame of mind. Talking to them about how you got there and asking how they got there can be a common topic. Finding topics of mutual interest and discussing them is an excellent way to forge a friendship. Whilst having a conversation, you can judge the other person’s personality too; their interests and their speech can tell you a lot about them.

Having Conversations is Critical

If you are the only one entering the new environment, then it is a slightly more difficult job to make new friends. But talking to people is still the way to go. In this case, it is very important to be confident. Everyone likes people who can express themselves and no one likes to be with people who stay quiet all the time. So it is imperative that when someone talks to you, you reply confidently. Remaining polite is necessary too.

After talking to some people, in a few days, you will be able to judge which of them you would like to have as friends. Then you can try to talk to them more often, learn about them and tell them about yourself. In this way, you will be able to gel with the people in the new environment and you will start feeling comfortable about it.

Making new friends is not difficult if you are open, charismatic, polite and confident. These qualities are essential when entering a new environment and those who possess them have no problems adapting.