You can never be truly free unless you are financially self-sufficient. Earning for yourself makes you feel you are not leaning into someone. And with that feeling, comes a realization that you are free to do with your money anything you would like to do. You can go on trips, plan vacations, eat out and buy anything without ever having to ask anyone. This freedom is something a dependent person cannot hope to have. In this world, a social animal like a human being cannot think of functioning entirely on his own. Everyone has some needs that can be fulfilled only by having other people around. But financially speaking, everyone who is old enough to earn, should earn enough to support themselves.



Dependency on Parents

When growing up, most children depend on the incomes of their parents. As long as they are living under their parents’
roof, eating their food and depending on them for their sustenance, they have to take orders from their parents too. Only when they are old enough to think for themselves and support themselves, financially and otherwise, can they finally forgo the authority of their parents. The critical part in this chain of events which leads to freedom is financial independence. When the kid is old enough to understand the world’s workings and can earn money for himself, then the parents’ thinking is transformed. In their minds, the kid has now grown up to be self-sufficient and he or she can take care of themselves.

Self-sufficiency and Freedom

This means that the earning of money has a two pronged relation with freedom. Not only does money allow you to take care of yourself, it tells the world that you are old enough and mature enough to live on yourself. Also with money comes this realization in the parents’ mind that their son or daughter can now support themselves. In other words, freedom or self-dependency is now earned.