As a Student

As a child, when you move through school, you are expected to study well and learn everything that you are taught. You are supposed to graduate through school with top marks which can get you into a decent university. Then you are supposed to graduate from the university with flying colors. This process has been going on since the first day the child can remember and goes on until he or she completes his or her education.


Expectations (Photo credit: GabPRR)

As a Grown-Up

When you marry, it brings a whole lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You have to start a family, provide for yourself and for the kids. You are supposed to look after your family in every way. You need to raise the kids as responsible, civilized human beings. You are supposed to be social and yet focused and efficient at work. You need to be courteous to everyone and yet you cannot compromise your own self in courtesy.

How to Tackle This

So how can you exist in such a high pressure environment all the time?

The first things is that you must not take these things to your head. A firm belief in fate is helpful in this regard. A life without responsibilities and expectations is a life without purpose; and living without a purpose cannot be actually called "living". So you must have a goal. Most people's goal is to raise the kids to be successful. Additionally, they want to be known as good people. To fulfill this, certain things need to be done, and they need to be taken as challenges that you relish, rather than as expectations that you are burdened with. This psychological distinction can take you some way towards handling life's challenges.

Similarly with education, being adventurous about learning and excited about school takes away a lot of the burden. You can change yourself from being a burdened student to an excited, passionate one with a little flick of your mind. The world exists in your head, its all about how you see it, analyze it and deal with it that makes all the difference.