Decisions shape lives. Decisions you made in the past dictate how you live in the present and the decisions you make today will decide your future. Making decisions is a tough task. Mature Choices vs Passionate Decisions, which ones are right? Read on to find out...

Mature Decisions Are Wise

You can either make mature decisions. Mature decisions are wise decisions. They are well thought of and all possible consequences are considered and accepted. When you are making a mature choice, you are using the brain of yours to analyse the situation and decide what course of action will provide you with the best outcomes. You also sometimes get the advises of experienced people beside you who will try to guide you in making the correct decisions.

Following Your Passions

On the other hand, passionate decisions are driven by stronger emotions. You might follow your instincts, or feelings of love, lust, passion or greed might take control of you and make you follow a certain path. These decisions are rushed decisions. The consequences of them are not kept in mind while making them. It could be argued that these decisions are made regardless of the outcomes, and what is really important is the path to be followed due to them. The ultimate gains or outcomes are not important to a person making a passionate choice.

Right Decisions Aren’t Always Right

While on the face of it, it seems that the mature choices are always the right ones. Usually it is so. But sometimes even well considered decisions turn out to be ill-advised. Similarly in some cases, hasty decisions made due to strong feelings eventually turn out to be right ones. This could be due to the fact that when you are feeling strong about something, you do not care about the world anymore and the feelings are regardless of what the world thinks. It is truly “you” who is making the decision, “you” who is deciding what is best for you.

Sometimes, you may not have enough information to make the right decision. For example, when choosing a major for university, you might not be correctly able judge your aptitude and you might not be able to work out where you will be the happiest. In this case, consulting with others who have been in similar positions or following your gut feeling can help you make the right call.