Jealousy is a natural feeling. But it is a deadly one as well because it only brings you down and sabotages the relationships. Hence, it is very important to suppress the feelings of jealousy and become a positive and appreciative person.

Following steps can help you overcome jealousy:

Identify your Feelings of Jealousy

See what makes you jealous. It could be your crush spending time with someone else or your best friend being close to another person or someone else getting the credit for your hard work or any other such situation.


Jealousy (Photo credit: Ktoine)

Fight Jealousy From Within

Jealousy is a by-product of insecurity and low self worth. It is also caused by fear of losing something. If you know that you are a good enough person and are certainly able to succeed, you’d never become jealous. Know that you are a perfectly nice person to be with and you are perfectly capable of leading a successful life. This approach will infuse in you the confidence in yourself even when you believe that the situation has been unfair with you.

Stop Comparing

Jealousy often arises when we deem ourselves any less than the other people. You may find the best people but once you get to know them, you’ll feel that they have their own shortcomings as well. Even celebrities, who seem prefect, have their own share of struggles and hardships. Instead of looking at what you don’t have, look at the things that you have been blessed with.

Learn to Trust

Jealousy in relationships is usually rooted in the distrust between people. If you know that you can trust the other person then there is no need to become jealous. If a person has never broken your trust then it is very unreasonable of you to become jealous. Because it in turn means that you don’t trust the other person and it is quite humiliating!

Become Optimistic

Become optimistic about life. Be a positive person and be realistic. Analyze the situation rationally and then decide that if your negative attitude makes any sense or not! Being happy and content about life will make you never become jealous!

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