Men all around the world have been classified as shallow and superficial. They are thought to be only after looks and physical attractiveness. While it is certainly true that looks play the vital role in starting off a relationship but that holds true for women too.

Like women, men have many other criteria for finding a good mate. And many times, looks becomes a lesser hounded factor as compared to other qualities like faithfulness, a pleasant company and an intelligent mind.

Attraction has many faces

Being told that a guy is attracted to a girl, the first notion that comes to mind is that he must like the way she looks. This is certainly not only about the body but many other contributing factors as well like her smile, style and hair. When the two people start talking, the focus shifts from the initial outside factors to her sense of humor, compassion and general ideas about life.

Other highly sought out factors

Men are largely repelled by qualities like disloyalty. Cheating and infidelity is a deal breaker for most people around the globe. Similarly, bad hygiene is a big turn off for men. Bad mouth odor is an extremely undesirable factor.

This means that a high moral value is a very desirable factor when it comes to relationships. Men value honesty, dignity and self-righteousness.

An independent and intelligent damsel

In this cutthroat economic condition, men do not necessarily see themselves as the sole breadwinners of the family. They expect the women to earn and at least support their own endeavors. Hence, an average looking business analyst is better off than a gorgeous dumb blonde.

Hence it can be easily deduced that when it comes to true love and long term relationships, men don’t necessarily fall for great looks. They look for many other factors that reside deep down inside the women. This might happen without their knowing. But this is how science and biology works! Men are not as superficial as we all might think.