Some women are often labelled as gold diggers. Some women go after rich men. Are women naturally gold diggers? Quite an interesting question!

How does the charm of attraction and love work? There are certain gender qualities that are found attractive by the members of the opposite sex.

It is often quoted by science that men tend to be attracted by women with a slim waist and a smaller waist to hip ratio. These qualities indicate general health and the ability to produce healthy offspring. Producing children is the primary objective of the female clan. On the same lines, the primary objective of men is to provide for their family. They used to hunt in olden days. Now the livelihood is tied to office jobs in most cases.

The way we spend our lives has changed. But the primary goals and objectives of humanity still remains the same.

Some men judge women of a few physical characteristics. They don’t care for their smartness, compassion or brilliance. These men are called perverts and shallow by the society. But at the end of the day, physical beauty is not the only thing that most people would look for a lifelong partner or the mother of their children.

Likewise, there are some women who would judge men on the basis of their bank accounts or the car that they drive. They are labelled as gold diggers. But this is a magnified natural instinct.

It won’t be wrong to say that financial stability of a guy is an important deciding factor when women look for a future husband. The natural feminine instinct comes into play as the women want to be taken care and provided for. They also want a secure future for their children. This would certainly classify them as gold diggers to some extent. But then all men want pretty wives too! Aren’t they all perverts to an extent too?!