What stops Children from turning into Leaders? The facts is that apart from genes and traits inherited from parents, most children are born the same and could be turned into anything that the society or the parents want. But just a handful of children come up to be successful enough to lead offices, companies or even nations. What about the rest of them? Why don’t they lead? This is due to the way they are molded and brought up in their infancy and childhood. Children take a lot of effect from even the tiniest actions of their parents.

We hinder the development in the Sensitive Periods

Children go through a number of sensitive periods from the age of 0 to 6. During these periods, a certain kind of development and growth is at its peak. For example, children have a sensitive period for movement and coordination from 2 to 4 years of age. How frustrated are the mums when the young ones run all over the place and mess up with everything they put their hands on! But the parents must never stop their children because it is the part of their development!

The repressed children never become leaders.

We don’t let them Experience Risk

Parents love their children more than anything. They make sure that the children are protected in every possible way. It does make sense that they don’t want the children to face any hazards but this over protective behavior could also cause development issues in children. Studies have shown that children who hardly have minor injuries as children could have phobias as adults. They need to experience pain and injury to learn that they are a part of life.

We don’t share our mistakes

Every parent wants to be the epitome of perfection and wisdom for their children. But the children have a right to learn from their parents’ mistakes. Parents often don’t share their past endeavors and mistakes with their children. If they do, they would help them to navigate the uncertain waters of the world and make considerably less mistakes.

We stop children from Participating

How often does the child want to make his own sandwich and you tell him that he can’t do it and must watch cartoons instead! This happens in almost every household. You unknowingly are shattering his confidence and interest. Don’t say NO to a child. Engage him and tell him that ‘YES, you can!’