Creativity is the ability to create something new. It can be any idea, writing or an invention. Everyone is born with this ability and it can be polished and refined with proper training or techniques over time. Just like there are techniques that bring out creative side of a person there are some things that hinder it. This article sheds light on those barriers to one’s creativity.

Fear of looking anserine not only holds one back from being creative and exploring new aspects for the solution of a particular problem but also crushes one’s confidence.

On creativity

On creativity (Photo credit: Bohman)

Being afraid of committing mistakes and failing does not let one think out of the box. Creative people take chances and accept failure with open arms and vow to learn from their mistakes.

Not taking out time to relax and allow your mind to unlax is another major hindrance to your creativity. Setting your mind free for an hour or two in a day lets you reformulate the ways in which things are already being done.

Analysing a problem by labelling it to be related to a specific area of specialty decreases the likelihood of finding a creative solution to the problem. Viewing a problem with such tunnel eye vision limits the ability to see how this problem might be related to other issues.

Always abiding by the rules takes away the ability to think creatively. Break a few rules once in a while, unbridle your thoughts and see where it gets you in the end. Even if you do not get the desired output the experience would still be worthwhile.

Constantly telling yourself that “I am not creative” is the biggest mistake that you can commit. Accepting defeat before even starting something gets you nowhere. Acts of the people, who believe in such self-imposed ideas, conform to their beliefs and they end up proving themselves right.

Being practical all the time and looking for that one right solution is another mental lock that prohibits creative thinking. Set aside practicality for a while and set your mind free to explore new impractical aspects.

These are common barriers to your creativity. You may also like to learn how to enhance your creativity.
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