In old times, people used to craft their Resumes and CVs themselves. But now, with a booming freelance market, many individuals prefer to hire freelance resume writers to write their resumes and CVs for them.

The object of discussion is that some people think it is not right to do so, it is the same as hiring a writer to make your college essay or project dissertation. Some people believe that CVs are not mere records of education and past experiences but they actually portray the personality and writing ability of the candidate; that is why having a professionally written CV is like cheating.

This point of view apart, I’d be in the favor of professionally made CVs for the following reasons.

Not everyone is great at grammar skills and having mistakes in your CV is the last thing that you would want while trying for a job. Many employers even claim that they discard the CV as soon as they find more than 2 or 3 errors. So why take the risk. It is a better option to get your CV made rightly so that at least you make it to the interview.

CV or resume is your first expression on a potential employer. It is the only thing that could get you an interview and eventually the job (if you’re lucky and good enough). Having a professionally crafted CV would make sure that you make a good and lasting impression on the employer and your chances of getting an interview call significantly go up. Professional CV writers know which words and phrases work the magic.

Investing in your CV means that you are serious about your career. If you could invest in a CV, you surely will invest hard work in your company as well. It depicts that you are a highly professional and motivated candidate.

The above are the main reasons why you should hire a professional to write your CV. For those who claim that getting a professionally made CV is synonymous to cheating, a CV is not the only thing that would get anyone a job. Yes, it could get a person an interview. If he is good enough and is a up to the mark as the CV dictates, only then he’d get a job.