Women look incomplete without accessories. There is a wide array of accessories available in the world. Different people opt for different jewels and pieces and hence their choices sharply depict their personalities. Let’s analyse some jewellery.


Pearls have been with women for centuries. Pearls were worn by aristocrats and royals around the world. But as the artificial production of pearls started, they became more and more common for people. Today pearls are neither rare nor expensive; except the natural ones. Wearing pearls shows that the woman has a lot of taste and elegance. She would rely on conventional ideas rather than on contemporary ones.

Strands of akoya cultured pearls from China. T...


Bling and Sparkle

A lot of rhinestone pieces and crystal studded jewellery surfs the market today. Surely, they look stunning and eye catching. A person who wears sparkly jewellery means that he likes to be in the spotlight, has no issues with self confidence and has the courage to speak his mind. These people tend to be bold.

Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery pieces are often heirlooms and are sometimes bought from the markets. They often have a history and they tell interesting tales. People who wear vintage jewellery are basically sentimentalists. They care about the people around them since they put value to their belongings. They are interested in life stories and history. These people are very deep and thoughtful.

Religious Pieces

People often wear jewellery that has some religious meaning i.e. the cross. A person who uses such jewellery has got strong religious affiliation. He might just not be a believer but a staunch follower. He tends to be loyal and trustworthy.

Someone’s jewellery box says a lot about their personality. You could induce a lot of information about a person with just looking at the jewelry pieces they own.

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