Natural talent is a great asset. It is cherished by those who don’t have it and held close by the ones who possess it. Natural talent sets individuals apart. But do the ones who lack the natural ability do not success? They certainly do. Are the people accompanied with great talent always bound to succeed? Not really!

Hard Work vs. Talent

Hard work is one of the most important qualities that lead a person to success. People who work harder often surpass those who have natural talent. What use is natural talent going to be of if the person is a slack and seldom works hard. Many times, great talent has gone to waste just because it was not polished and worked upon. On the contrary, many people have produced unbelievable results, the results they were thought never capable of, only due to great hard work. But if talent and hard work go hand in hand, nothing can stop them from paramount success.

Hard Work and Perseverance

Perseverance and hard work often mean the same. Never giving up in drastic conditions and working hard after facing setback means perseverance. Friedrich Nietzsche said, “What doesn’t kill us strengthens us.” Failure almost never kills up; the people who work hard keep up the spirits and go on with their efforts.

Hard Work and Risks

The greatest risk in life is never taking any risk. Take calculated risks, never go for blind risks. A risk could lead to immense growth at certain levels and hence success, while

Pablo Picasso.


never taking a risk means you are going to stay where you are, as you are. Taking a risk and then working hard at it would mean that you are putting your energies in making something happen.

Take risks early in life, when you have the physical and emotional strength to deal and recover from failures. A risk gone right can change your life.

Real life Examples

Pablo Picasso had the talent and commitment to his talent, he succeeded. Frida Kahlo had a lower degree of talent but immense capacity of hard work even in adverse conditions, she succeeded. And there are thousands of people as talented as Picasso that we don’t know about just because they never worked as hard to reach somewhere in life!