Internet and gadgets have become a vital part of our lives. We can’t think of a day without them. This addiction does not extend to the hours of the day only; sadly most of us take our gadgets to bed with us. This habit has been adapted by millions and millions of people all around the globe and we see a great deal of side effects associated with it.

How Mobile Gadgets Ruin Our Night Time

It has been surveyed that 75 percent of US citizens are connected to the internet through mobile devices. Mobile devices are easier to carry anywhere and hence they often accompany people to their beds. This often turns into an addiction.



iPads and fancy Android tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Nexus 7 Tabs are used, apart from Smartphones, by people while going to sleep. The tablets become e-readers while the Smartphones are heavily used for socializing.

Some time ago, people used to fall asleep while reading a book. Now, the book has been replaced by fancy tablets and Smartphones. 95 percent of the people say that they text and browse the internet as the last thing of the day. Majority of youngsters say that they sleep with their Smartphones right next to the bed so that it is just at an arm’s length. Many people don’t even silent their phones before going to sleep or they like being waken up by the gadgets perhaps. It is even observed that people wake up at night and check their phones for no reason.

Does Technology Help Us to Go Asleep?

The answer is a big NO. Gadgets are not like books. They release light that suppresses the release of melatonin (a chemical that triggers sleep) in the body and perhaps makes it harder to fall asleep. In addition to this, frequent notifications and updates received from various app and the tones played on notifications – al become hindrance in our sleep and attempt to feel relaxed. It has been surveyed that people who use gadgets before sleeping hardly get enough sleep and feel drowsy and tired during the day. This habit is also associated with depression and stress in worse cases.

In conclusion, night time gadgets are screwing up our sleep. Furthermore, at the bed it's easier and more comfortable to use various apps to connect with friends, and family, which leads to prolonged bed-time conversions, which are usually gossips and necessary talks. This makes your and others's sleep disturbed and your daytime performance is impaired. Therefore use if night time technology like smartphones, iPad, tablets is a big con and big No, especially for children and teenagers.

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