Barbie doll has been around since 1959 and it has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon. The doll is one of the most famous toys of all times and it is said that more than a billion pieces of Barbie are sold till date.

Barbie is the first adult doll to become publicly available. Prior to that, infant dolls were produced and sold as they were meant for children and young girls. However, with the modernizing standards, Barbie became the most loved toy for girls.

The Unrealistic Barbie

Barbie Syndrome

Barbie is crafted to present the perfect woman. She is astoundingly gorgeous with slender figure and a stunning smile. However, her appearance has drawn much criticism from feminists and parents as it casts a negative effect of the minds of the youth who yearn to look as perfect as Barbie. Experts are of the view that if Barbie was real, she would not have been able to stand. She had a ridiculously thin waist, it has been broadened in 2000, but it still is nonsensically thin.

Barbie Syndrome

Barbie syndrome is a phenomenon in which people, particularly girls of teenage, yearn to get the appearance of Barbie doll. This desire could lead to unhealthy eating habits, and obsession with weight loss and a low self confidence.

Real Life example

A Russia model, Valeria Lukyanova, has been a victim of Barbie Syndrome. She has undergone numerous surgeries to turn herself into a living Barbie doll and she is very successful in her aim. The model has got big blue sparkling eyes, a tiny waist and full bosom and she has been said as the breathing Barbie.

Due to her looks, she has become the most famous woman on the Russian internet. However, not all of the people are amazed and full of praise for her. She has been heavily criticized for her fake looks and expressionless images. Some people believe that she uses Photoshop to alter the images.

Sometimes mere harmless looking things can have immense impacts on people and society. Barbie is one of them and although it is a good toy to play with, children shall be taught not to take them seriously!