When it comes to ending of relationships, and differences between men and women, people usually say that they could not get along with each other since their expectations were not fulfilled. Here are few qualities that women look in men adhering to which can help many men and women in saving their lives.

Differences Between Men and Women

There are many differences between men and women which you may have come across in all your lifetime and the first and the foremost reason for this is given as lack of coming up to the expectations of each other. Between men and women usually women are seen as cribbing about flawed personality of their partner and this results on loss. Here are a few qualities which both men and women look for in each other and are particularly of keen importance to women in a relationship.

Qualitied Admired By Women Look in Men

The first and the foremost quality which both men and women look for in each other is respect for each other, If either of the two do not have the tolerance or that required space for respecting each others' ideas, views and thoughts. This is particularly more in the case of women since in various cultures and societies women are not treated equal to men. The key reason of most of the differences between men and women is the lack of respect for each other.

A question about do women admire persistent men is being asked everywhere since we get mixed views about it from each of the two genders.  The answer is yes. Women do have a certain and special admiration for persistent men. This is because men who remain stagnant at one stance and place show their personality which is hence quite loyal and that of a a woman's man. This trend is appreciated in both men and women since it deals with their personality and future life to a great extent.

Another root cause of differences between men and women is economic instability. Women feel that their spouses or partners are not well off enough to fulfill all their need s and wants and hence a certain air of dissatisfaction and disturbance surrounds the household. Hence in order to win a woman's admiration a man has to be well off enough to take the burden of all the expenditures of a woman.

Loyalty and sincerity to each other is something which both men and women want in each other. In a relationship both men and women tend to give away their best to each other and hence expect the same form their partners. This is quite particularly true and severe in the case of women who generally sacrifice more for men. In return of that a woman expects her partner or husband to remain loyal to her and give the best and quality time. Promiscuous behavior is something which becomes the reason of many differences between men and women that results in even serious endings like divorces and family splitting.

If a man tries to understand and implement all the above-mentioned qualities, which women admire in men they are likely to have a great, peaceful and happy relationship.