All human beings decide to settle down at least once in a lifetime, timing of which may vary from person to person but almost every normal human being decide his partner on first date. Psychologists suggest that everyone should keep in mind some key points before he/she starts dating and must weigh the pros and cons of it and ponder over the topics before proceeding on first date.

Do not ignore social cues, when you meet somebody for the first time, ask questions, explore about your partner to be. Limit talking about just your own personality. Look for the signs that would match your chemistry with them. If you would give them an impression that you think only about yourself and are confined to yourself, they may take such a gesture negatively and feel left out. Do not give them this impression on the first date otherwise you will stay single all your life. Try to make your first meeting a positive experience.

Do not open the conversation by talking about your failed relationship, this gives an impression. Tell only when you are being asked about them and be as candid as you can. Always end your conversation on a positive note when you discus you past experience that you have learnt the lesson have gotten over with it.

Try matching your physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, chemistry with your partner, look for the points where your ideas converge and focus on them. It is easy to find a physically attractive partner than to find your true soul mate. If you were looking for tips on dating a new person, shift your focus on the following things:

  • Clearly express all your emotional needs. Seek the traits like generosity, kindness, empathy and love the other person is carrying in his heart. Because such traits are meaningful for lifetime as you have to go through thick and thins with him all your life. 

  • Participate in the relationship, that’s the only way to enjoy it. If you would ameliorate it with your love and you will be reciprocated in the same manner. Just demanding love all the time will end up adulterating it. 

  • Last but not the least, do not handover your wish list to the person on the first date or this may leave them overwhelmed. The best strategy is to move on in a moderate manner.

These were some tips on dating a new person. Remember always be tolerant and keep control on your feelings in all circumstances to prove yourself a committed dater. Have you ever dated? Comment below letting us know what things did you avoid and what did you do to make your date a success.