Every work, if completed with commitment can be nourishing. If not, then even the best exciting work would turn out to be boring and would be oppressive. So it's recommended to pick your work sensibly, consider the dangers and the incentives, both. In this article I list the jobs that involve dangers and risks.


One of the most dangerous jobs in the world is of the electrician. Dealing with live electricity cables can be one of the very dangerous jobs to do. Electricians must be carefully working on above electricity lines. There is risk of death due to electric shocks and even blasts in certain cases. Tools that are out-of-date or broken can lead to such losses. It spots a second place in our dangerous list.


129 deaths per 100,000 people for 2008, makes working in the Fishing Industry the number one most dangerous jobs in the world. They need to execute the catch inside the frame of chance, or lose their earnings. Icy water and ice-cold boat surfaces can lead to terrible accidents and rain/snow storms can marsh minor fishing containers, at times claiming whole teams.

Police Officer

Police officer duty is to uphold law enforcement in the city and is one of the dangerous jobs to do. The amount of risks involved in such dangerous jobs cannot be listed. The circumstances can lead to making rivals, bodily hurt, serious shock, transferable sicknesses and even expiry. Inquiries in several cases like traffic abuses, dangerous criminals, captures, and unsafe inquiries put the being of the police officer at danger.


Heights, intense slopes, slick planes, irregular basis, absence of safety binds, and jobs that commonly have need of both hands, make drops are actual risk for roofers. This is one of the dangerous jobs to be at. Intense heat, blustery weather, sun, and sunstroke just add up more risk to this dangerous job.

Construction Worker

An individual linked to this dangerous job is exposed to spinning machine parts, moving vehicles, dropping bits and pieces, irregular surfaces. Blasts due to pressed cylinder, gas pipelines, and mixtures used to construct structures are a danger to the life of the wage earner. There are droopy electrical wires for work that can be the reason to death of the construction employee.

Refuse Collector

The apparently humdrum job of refuse collector, surprisingly makes it one of the most hazardous and dangerous jobs to do. Due to dangers linked with functioning heavy stimulating and pressing tools, but generally because of the way they drive from house to house snug to the edges and back of their refuse trucks. They frequently sit unsteadily on slight ledges – a little blunder and they can simply be trapped below the wheels of the refuse truck.