Summer Destinations to Try This Year

Summers have come, though they are not welcome by the masses however people have devised ways and means to enjoy summers to the maximum and one of such ways is enjoying summers at summer break destinations. It is expected that hotel prices of summer destinations may rise to 4.7% in the current year making the stay to an average of $110 per night, according to travel researchers. However experts further claim that these price hikes may get offset but attractive promotional packages owing to huge competition in the travel industry. It is due to this reason that popular summer break destinations such as South Padre Island located in Texas and Branson remain fifty percent unoccupied.

Also the increase in the cost of travel has minimized the travel to the summer destinations, as airfares are already touching the skies and these summers might witness even higher prices. It is analyzed that domestic fares have increased up to three percent in the recent times making the expense to an average of $383 and international fares have increased correspondingly making the expense to an average of $880, as per a travel firm. Summer destinations in the world are amazing but few where people get the maximum joy of the summers beating the heat and the weather with the best possible cost, hence the best summer destinations of the world which are cost effective too, are as follows:


Another one of the fantastic summer break destinations is Orlando where still good summer deals are in place for the visitors. This summer has witnessed low prices in the current summers as compared to the last year the hotel prices are down by almost seven percent. A three bedroom rental might be available for almost seven hundred dollars per week, which is a fair deal though.

English: Dominican Republic Summer 2008


Dominican Republic

Another one of the attractive summer destinations is Dominican Republic where prices are just up by three percent in comparison to the price hike in North America. The Dominican Republic is considered one of the cheapest summer break destination in the present year encompassing beachfronts and Golf resorts.


Colorado is another one of the breath taking summer destinations where besides cost weather is another important factor making it one of the remarkable summer break destinations. Along with the blessings of mild weather outdoor activities such as hiking and rafting are another attraction making it a heavenly place to be among numerous other summer destinations.

Las Vegas


One of the famous gambling city which has its own inherent attraction. Numerous casinos still utilize rooms for shows and restaurants to make up for the low rates. No doubt the city is hot like hell in summers as the average temperature in summers is nearly 100 degrees but still Las Vegas is famous for its fancy casino pools and also air conditioners remain functional and effective to keep the visitors comfortable. Las Vegas can therefore be termed as one the amazing summer destinations costing around $495 per four nights which is really a good deal.