Highly Paid Jobs That Require No Degree

It's not true that if you don’t hold a degree, you cannot earn and not lead a good life. There are numerous venues where pretty salary is paid, and for which no degrees are required. These jobs can be termed as high pay no experience jobs. These high pay and no experience jobs are per the recent surveys pay an individual on average 25 dollars per hour making it almost more than 50,000 dollars per year, without even requiring Degree. Some of these high pay no experience jobs are mentioned below:

Retail General Manager

Retail general managers are employed for looking after the daily operations of a retail store. Be it a food, clothe, crockery or any other retail store. These jobs envisage the hiring and supervision of employees, implementation of policies, co ordination and implementation of sale policies and definitely most importantly the customer relations. This job is often offered to non-graduates where they can work as a retail store manager. With good performance, one can become general manager of store with even higher salaries.

Housekeeping Director

The director of housekeeping job envisages the coordination, scheduling, supervision and also the housekeeping in hotels, nursing homes; private residences and restaurants making it an ideal high pay no experience jobs. The main responsibilities include assignment of tasks, inspection of employees and preparation of department expense reports. Many janitors and housekeeping professionals have worked their ways without a degree, and only requiring few college courses or in service training to get promoted to the level of supervisor.

Food Service Director

Another one in the list of high salary no experience jobs is the job of food service director, in which the requirement of the job is to hire, train and supervise the staff required for the restaurants and other food service facilities. The responsibilities of these jobs envisage supplying of orders and organizing work schedules. Many experience workers with less education in this field are promoted making this job as one of the lucrative and high pay no experience jobs in the world.

Oil Pumper

Oil pumper is another job where the oil pumper is required to drive a truck through thousands of acres of oil fields to check oil and gas wells, for their functioning and maintenance. Duties of an oil pumper also include closing, opening of oil wells and performing daily maintenance work. There are thousands of people who have been doing this job quite effectively without a degree just after the necessary on-job training and few training classes and they are earning very high salaries.


The last one in the high salary no Degree jobs list is Millwright. A millwright job requires installation, assembling and dismantling of machinery also encompassing the maintenance of conveyor systems and material handling equipment in the factories, at power plants and construction sites. These jobs offered to most of the millwrights is through the apprenticeship programs spread over four years sponsored by local union, employers and also state labor departments.

These were some high pay no experience jobs that also don't require a Degree. Are you already doing one of these jobs? Comment below sharing your experience with this job.