How Men Ruin Their Relationships

Relationships are the most precious assets of men, especially when it comes to women, relationships are the most precious assets of men and this is a universal fact. There are numerous ways men ruin their relationships with women and most of the relationship problems experienced by men in relationships are mostly created by men alone. Hence problems with men in relationships are numerous and ways men ruin their relationships are as follows

Stern Attitude

Men, in order to get rid of relationship problems need to be more flexible and remain young at heart rather than becoming stern and forbidding in attitude with their partner. Men thus must relive their youth, which becomes attractive for women. Men have the tendency to ruin their relationships by being stern but on the other hand women do not require such a stern and formidable attitude by men and find it disturbing.

The Desire to Change Careers

Another problem with men in relationships due to which their relationships get affected is a spontaneous expression of desire to change their careers, which therefore severely makes the female partner feel unsecure and this desire of men can severely affect the relationship with women. It is therefore advised that even when men need to change their careers the decision or desire should be communicated to the female partner not abruptly but slowly by changing her mind progressively.

Keeping Wishes Prioritized

One of other relationship problems is that men at time start keeping wishes prioritized over their relationship and partners, which eventually become a prime reason of spoiling relationships. It must be kept in mind that men must not prioritize their wishes over their partners and their relationships rather keep the relationships at the foremost priority.

Talking Without Listening

At times problems with men in relationships is often caused due to talking more and in return not being ready to listen. Men often do not listen to their partners and keep on pushing their stance time and again, which resultantly frustrates the partner and ultimately aggravates the relationship problems even to the point of no return. Men must therefore be more enthusiastic listener and prove to be a soft shoulder for their partner which definitely strengthens their relationships.

Not Being with the Partner When She Needs You

This is another one of the very pertinent relationship problems where men tend to get away in relationships when women as their partners need them direly to be by their side and support them. In this manner men really ruin their relationship ending in permanent breakup. It is strongly recommended that in her down time when she needs her partner, men must be there in the time of her sickness and despair.

Playing Mind Games

Women are sensitive, therefore playing mind games that most men do can cause damage in your relationship with them. Females are soft in nature but if you will try to confuse or dodge them, and if they get a sense of it even a little bit, you will be in danger of causing issues in your relationship.

Not Having Opinion:

Girls, at all occasion of their lives want to have help and opinion from their partners. If you are not with her in helping decide for example what sofa to buy, what curtain color to have in your bedroom, etc, you will not be a good partner in your partner’s sight.   So always help, give ideas, and discuss things when ever your partners require or if you not, you’re likely to cause damage in your relationship.

If you do any of most of the above mentioned things, you can hurt your relationship or if you continue doing so for a long period, your relationship may even break. Girls are sensitive, soft-natured remember, a little thing that may hurt their emotions can cause damage or breakage in your relationship with them.