If you are living in a cluttered, overly loaded small space and are unable to get it in shape then here is the right solution set for you to think on. Read below for the best option to make your space look bigger and better.

1) Multipurpose furniture: People with small spaces should invest in multipurpose furniture like sofa-cum beds, or a master bed with slide out beds at the bottom, or drawers at the bottom of the beds for storage, an ottoman with a built-in storage area to keep books and blankets and also use as a footrest.

2) Room color: smaller rooms must never be painted in dark colors rather lighter neutral colors should be used like pale blues, grays, off-white, green, yellow and cream so the room looks brighter and bigger.

Small space room solutions


3) Mirror it up: A wall to wall mirror is out of fashion but it does add a reflection to the room and make it look big.

4) Align the furniture: the more you keep your furniture against the walls the better the small room will look. The more space you have in the center or at an angle in the room the bigger and brighter it will look.

5) Focal point: Make sure the room has a focal point which may be a pillar or a part of the wall and use a different wall color on that area. They decorate the area with picture frames or posters or a small book shelf etc.

6) Window ideas: In a small room full length curtains don’t work well. Rather cover the window with pastel color shades or window sized light colored curtains to give it a fresh look.

7)  Think Big: Instead of filling the room with several small pieces think big like a nice big cupboard instead of Chester drawer or a nice big bed with drawers rather than side tables and so on.

8) Steam line: If you streamline your things according to colors then not only will your room look managed and big but will also ease you from spending hours in searching for things.

As a general rule smaller rooms should be less furnished and kept cleaned to give an inviting look to anyone who enters. Try out these little techniques and see if they work well for you.