Impressing a Girl

Girls dominate the man’s mind wholly, whatever men think, girls are always there to keep their due place occupied in men’s mind. Men therefore always keep on pondering how to impress girl of their dreams and keep her influenced always. Various amazing ways to impress girls are hence as follows

Express Interest

The most significant thing is expression of interest to the girls of interest. This is the first and the foremost aspects for impressing girls and makeing her feel important thus let her know how important she is to you.

Link Happiness with Her

Link your happiness with her; make her feel that she is the sole source of your happiness.

impressing a girl

Be careful not to be indulged in her eyes when she is talking to you, concentrate, listen and respond to what she is saying, make her feel that every word she is uttering out is important to you.

Be Sensitive and Caring

When it comes to how to impress a girl, be sensitive and caring to them, let them cry upon your shoulder if they are feeling sad, try to make them happier by sharing their sorrows, and at the same times behave manly, as girls need men in their life not babysitters actually.

Take the Lead

Present yourself as leading; remember that one of the important ways to impress girls is taking the lead as the girls want to be wooed rather than do the wooing, hence be an initiator in touching but gently touching.

Plan Your Date

Plan your date and present the plan to the girl, if there is any change desired by the girl she will let you know otherwise she will be naturally influenced by you and let you plan the whole show, so plan smartly and wisely.

Seductive Fragrances

Girls love attractive and seductive smells. So wear the best colognes available mesmerizing her in the seductive aroma you are wearing, also try to be very hygienic with her, this is very sore point with most of the girls, so do not forget this important tip.

Remember the Girl’s Favorites

Always remember the girl’s favorites, if you ever want to know how to impress a girl, do not ever forget her favorites, because it will definitely hurt her as she will always be expecting that her favorites are being remembered by you and also present her touching gifts, expressing care, love and affection with her.

Be More Spiritual Than Being Sexual

One of the most important ways to impress girls is being spiritual to her rather than wholly sexual. Girls like men with spiritual bonding, who are spiritually sensually attracted to them, sex is important but a secondary feeling for girls, but your spiritual devotion, love and care will definitely let you the win the girl of your dreams.

These are the top ways to impress a girl. Try the above techniques to impress girls, but first be certain that you are going to impress a right girl.  Also, always be positive in your approach, and make sure none of your actions should cause any discomfort to a girl, for sake of seeking a pleasure.

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