Romantic Places in the World

The summers bring along with themselves the openness of the season, where the chilling feelings of winter nostalgic nights is dominated by the more lively, joyful and spiritually relaxing summer nights. In summers the moods are high as compared to the winter lows, giving them a boost of emotions. Hence when it comes to the moods the most prestigious of the moods is the romance and in summers, romance is in the air, the summers are believed to have projected romance and the romantic summer nights are the essence of the summer romance. People therefore desire to go to the most romantic places ever to get the best out of the season's blessings. It is therefore important to get to know about the romantic places and enjoy the summer romance in full bloom. Hence, romantic summer trips to the following places can be considered worth it.

Cape Breton Islands

Cape Breton islands are located in Nova Scotia in Canada and are famous and cherished for the world class scenery it encompasses. The town envisages the look of an orthodox habitat and a typical country look. The town is enriched with the nature's blessing in this modern era, encompassing traditional life such as birding, trout fishing, whale watching and moose spotting. It is definitely one of the best romantic places to visit and experience a lustful summer romance.

Madeira Island

The islands of Madeira are located in the western European country of Portugal. It is said that the sun set views in this country over the Atlantic are the most magnificent and definitely the most romantic when enjoyed while sipping the wine. The weather here is comparatively steady and smooth making it one of the best romantic places in the world. An orient express property known as the Reids Palace Madeira is the best romantic place to enjoy the summer romance. The hotel envisages lush gardens alongside the enormous Atlantic Ocean. The Botanical garden of the island is spectacular. Port Santo is considered the best beach as per the locals and is the most romantic places ever in Portugal.



Iceland is another one of the magical romantic places of the world best suitable for the summer romance. Especially Reykjavik and the southern Iceland are more appreciated for its scenic beauty and the breath taking panoramas. The houses in Reykjavik are painted vibrantly with fascinating bright primary colors and the nightlife is so enchanting that it keeps the people under its spell till the sunrise. This is place (Reykjavik pic at right) is without any doubt the best place for experiencing a magical summer romance.


The Gower peninsula of Wales is famous for the spiritual and soothing seaside walks. The area encompasses the nature's beauty at its best where the summer romance is experienced by the visitors as the enchanting and the most cherishable journey of life making this place a highly desired place in the list of most romantic places ever. Classical eighteenth century mansions add to the essence of summer romance in Wales.


Tasmania-4200 (Photo credit: Jayegirl99)


Tasmanian islands located in Australia are another one of the best romantic places of the world for a spectacular summer romance. Tasmanian islands are located besides the Australia's southern coast. The islands are charismatic, delightful and untouched. The night strolls through the dockside area of Hobart and the magical tour to the summit of Mount Wellington offer the breath taking views which further extends towards the south western region of Tasmanian islands