Whether you live in an apartment, penthouse or a bungalow, space stylizing issues keep hammering your mind after every few days. Here are a few helpful ideas to ease your mind and to beautify your room the easy way:

Align yourself by cleaning up the unwanted things out of the house.

Tidy up the shelves, drawers, cupboards etc and start placing your books in a single line.

Use single piece serving bowls for keeping potpourri, floating candles or fragranced leaves on your center and side tables.

New Living Room

New Living Room (Photo credit: robleto)

Use hollow art in the living room or dining room by grouping antique picture frames of different sizes together on a mantel or shelf

Instead of closing the souvenirs and show pieces in boxes use them as table art and display them anywhere you like.

Use the unused rugs to fill up the corners and decorate them with lamps or candles etc.

You can use the place below the stairs to make a home for your dear pet. In case you don’t have pets then use the place under the staircase as a book shelf or else as an ancient piece gallery where you may keep the old big vases and pottery.

Turn the kitchen counter into stylish vignette by placing the Chinese rice bowls under a bell jar next to the chopsticks and place a cutting board underneath.

•  Instead of cabinets, place your most used dishes in a drawer for easy access.

Avoid dark colored cabinets as they show the dust on them.

Organize your office on a single table. Use your favorite tea mug as a pen jar and a basket for keeping the mails in and keep a notepad for the important details you don’t want to miss.

Use fresh colored flower vases wherever you can to give the room a fresh look.

Use glassware in formal areas like the dining hall or drawing room and simpler things in the living room

Decorate the walls with mirrors, paintings, art or anything that inspires you and use a lot of colors in the house to make it look bright.

These are the room decorating ideas. Styles keep changing and it’s nice to keep changing the decor of your house after every few years so that it looks better than before and makes you happy.

These were some great room decorating ideas, hope you liked them.