Living room is the common place for the entire family’s relaxation. It is used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year. There is no end to its utilization and so it is highly necessary to keep it clean, well furnished and inviting. Here are a few helpful living room decoration ideas to make your room feel comfortable and tidy:

1) The most used and most important living room furniture is the sofa set. When placing sofas in the living room make sure they are made up of a comfortable texture so that you can cuddle up in it all day. When placing the sofas its recommended to keep it at a position where its facing the door so that you know who enters or leaves your house while you are busy watching your favorite show on TV.

New living room #1

New living room #1 (Photo credit: Ani-Bee)

2) Every room has a focal point which is a place for your eyes to rest and relax. It could be a painting, an artwork, a fireplace or even a flat screen TV. You have to figure out the wall that can be the focal point in your living room and then decorate it with whatever pleases you.

3) Generally when someone enters your house their eyes are on the floor as they watch their steps inside and so rugs value your room. If you have a big living room which has an open area for gatherings then go for large sisal rugs which are able to manage a lot of foot traffic, if you want to separate the dining area then place a rug there to create a boundary or if it’s just a rug to beautify the room then get a nice plush wool rug with toss pillows to give it a casual but inviting look.

4) Make sure your room is balanced and not over equipped. Room balancing is usually done with the help of mirrors, pendant lights on the ceilings, wall art, high back chairs, lamps, shelves etc.

5) Being a place to relax, the living room must be soft looking and inviting. This is usually done with accessories like pillows, cushions, a soft blanket on the arm of a couch, soft lighting combos that include lights on the floor, ceiling, walls and table lamps so as to make the room glow in whatever way you want.

No matter what type of livingroom decoration ideas you like it’s always necessary to tidy up the place every day and make a little shuffling of things here and there to make sure the room is inviting always.



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